Fake Reading AURAS with This Super Simple CHEAT!

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Fake Reading AURAS with This Super Simple CHEAT!
Number 255
Broadcast Date January 30, 2012
Episode Length 11:08
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jonny Zavant


Mentalist Jonny Zavant shares his psychic powers to read our minds and our auras... but it's all a sham.

Check out Jonny Zavant's full stage show or find him on twitter @jonnyzavant.

Aura Residue

Jonny sets out to read his volunteer's aura, and uses that to figure out what item they chose in secrecy.


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Brian recommends The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

The Breakdown

Jonny reveals that he had an accomplice, and then breaks down exactly how this mind reading routine works!

The Test

Michael puts his aura reading skills to the test on Brian's nice looking aura.

Scam Stuff

If you're looking for those props to take to the bar so you can be a badass any time, anywhere, head on over to scamstuff.com.

Scam School is about what you do at the bar, Scam Stuff is about what you bring to the bar.

Next Week

Don't forget to join us next week, because we are going to learn how you can double the size of your hard drives using a hole punch, some WD40, and an old toothbrush. But first, I've got to go back to the bar.

Great Quotes

  • Brian - "Wow. Did you notice he didn't say jack-shit about your aura?"
  • Jonny - "I just want you to touch me."
  • Jonny - "Selling all my secrets, thanks Brushwood!"

Fun Facts

  • The filming of this episode coincided with the 5 year anniversary (to the date!) to the first filming of the Scam School pilot.



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Fake Reading AURAS with This Super Simple CHEAT!
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