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Film Riot is a podcast on Revision3 hosted by Ryan Connolly. The show's cast includes Josh Connolly, Emily Connolly, and Bruno Viera. Both Tim Allen and Michael Stark are no longer involved in the show. Each week, Film Riot "takes the mystery out of the effects and techniques that go into some of your favorite Hollywood films." The show first aired 27 May, 2009, releasing new episodes every successive Thursday. In 2011 the show expanded to both Tuesday and Thursday releases, the Thursday episodes remaining the same and the Tuesday episodes generally offering a behind-the-scenes look at things or a viewer feedback format. In March of 2011 the show also spawned off the complimentary podcast Film State, which features both Ryan and Josh discussing film news.

In late February 2012 the show moved to Texas and production resumed in mid April.

Film Riot has a long-standing love affair with the BBverse, with multiple instances cross-pollination between the two entities.

Notable Appearances

This looks like trouble...