Hacking the System

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Hacking the System
Hacking the System

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Hacking the System is a television show on the National Geographic Channel hosted by Brian Brushwood. The show was announced on NSFW episode 216.



Hacking the System Episodes

Season 1

Hacking The System 2015
Episode No. Runtime Title Synopsis Release date: Video Link
10 21 minutes Money Hacks Learn how to save money on every-day items and where to find money you didn't even know you had. February 23, 2015
9 21 minutes Hacking the Outdoors Brian Bushwood shares hacks that'll help you survive and endure in the great outdoors. February 16, 2015
8 21 minutes Holiday Hacks Brian offers up tips, tricks and hacks to help you make the most out of holidays throughout the year. February 9, 2015
7 21 minutes Scam Artist Hacks Whether it's overpaying for a repair or being lied to, Brian helps us spot the cons and scams. February 9, 2015
6 21 minutes Restaurant Ruses Learn how you can turn the tables on restaurants in order to get the most bang for your buck. February 2, 2015
5 21 minutes Hacking to Win From getting a dream job to scoring big at the races, Brian uses hacks to get the upper hand. February 2, 2015
4 21 minutes Travel Tricks Brian shares his inside secrets and tricks that can turn your travel from painful to pleasant. January 26, 2015
3 21 minutes Hacking Crime Brian Brushwood shows you how to spot scams and crimes before they happen to you. January 26, 2015
2 21 minutes Survival Hacks Learn how to turn every day items from your house into life-saving hacks when catastrophe strikes. January 19, 2015
1 21 minutes Personal Security Brian Bushwood shares all the hacks that will protect you and your finances from today's criminals. January 19, 2015