Hey Jafar!

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Hey Jafar!
Number 177
Broadcast Date May 9, 2013
Episode Length 1:33:58
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

The guys start the War Against, the War Against Spoilers, they create a false rumor on twitter and then they talk about Iron Man 3's opening weekend and their predictions for the rest of the Summer Movie Draft.


Opening Video

Говорящая рыба! Прикол! 2013 (Translates to "Talking Fish! trick")

The War on Spoilers

If you watch Brian and Tom's show Framerate, you know that Tom is often accused of spoiling many aspects of books and movies. Tom argues that the things that he "spoils" on the show are just minor plot points and people are far too sensitive when it comes to spoilers. Justin decides to go on the offensive (what else is new?) and spoil everything under the sun.

  • Halfway through Iron Man 3, it is revealed that The Mandarin is actually Oskar Schindler from "Schindler's List"
  • In the sequel to "The Hunger Games", everyone is disqualified for heavy farting.
  • In Star Wars Ep. VII, Chewbacca is revealed to be gay. There is a 15 minute, unbroken shot of hardcore wookie on ewok sex. Chewbacca WILL shoot first.
  • Gay guys love grabbin' boobs.


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Creating a Fake Rumor

Another interesting point in the spoiler conversation is whether or not rumors about upcoming movies/books/shows are spoilers, since we don't really know if they're true or not. Now begins Phase 2 of Justin's offensive. The guys decided to create a fake rumor and attempt to spread it around the internet.


Famed author Patricia Harkins Bradley has leaked the fact that the 8th installment of the Harry Potter series is coming out by Christmas 2013. This is definitely real, and everyone should absolutely tell all of their friends about this real fact. Ohh by the way, a major character will die within the first ten pages. Spoiler alert.


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Nerdtacular 2013

Brian, Justin and Tom are all headed to Salt Lake City for Nerdtacular. Spoiler alert, they talk about what they plan to do there. And it includes a new comedy album recorded in front of a life hotel room audience.


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Movie Draft Talk

Iron Man 3 was just released on the previous Friday and had the 2nd largest opening weekend gross of all time. The guys speculate about the potential box office performances of the upcoming movies.

Help Honney

Friend of the Chatrealm, Honney, is going through a really tough time; her 20 year old son was found dead in his apartment. She is having trouble getting enough funds together for all of the funeral costs and she could really use your help. Head over to HelpHonney.org and donate a few bucks. Any amount will help.

Summer Music Series

The Summer Music Series is starting back up NEXT WEEK! The first performer will be Dale Chase.

Ruinum Update

The contract has been half signed and the man behind the wine will be in studio for the next episode to offer up the first ever taste of the Ruinum blend.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Justin - "Gay guys love grabbin' boobs. I'm just gonna get real here"

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