How to Stick Your Friends to the Bar

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How to Stick Your Friends to the Bar
Number 5
Broadcast Date April 17, 2008
Episode Length 3:32
Hosts Brian Brushwood

This clever trick uses a pint of beer and two willing thumbs to handcuff your friend (or enemy) to the bar, while you take his keys, wallet, girlfriend and more.

Revision3 Summary

Secret: Have your friend order a pint of his favorite drink. The more expensive the drink, the better. Make sure the pint glass is filled all the way to the top. Ask your friend to put his thumbs on the edge of the bar (as pictured). Now, carefully set the full pint of drink on top of his thumbs. Tell him it's important that he balance it perfectly.

Now, get out of there! With his favorite drink precariously balanced on his thumbs, he has no possible way of chasing after you! You could probably take his wallet, his keys, or whatever else you want, while you're at it! Useful for quick getaways.

Next Week

What are we doing next week? Oh! Next week, we'll be learning to make dental floss out of used tissue paper. Until then...I'm gonna have a beverage.

Fun Fact

  • Filmed at Rockit Room.
  • First episode to have anything after the credits.



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How to Stick Your Friends to the Bar
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