How to throw cards like Gambit!

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How to throw cards like Gambit!
Number 105
Broadcast Date March 17, 2010
Episode Length 12:58
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Hurl playing cards 50 feet at a time! Fling them hard enough to break water balloons, or even embed them into aluminum sheeting!

Revision3 Summary

Sound impossible? It's not, though it *will* take a lot of practice.

First: a safety warning. At all times be aware that throwing cards can damage any eyes they hit! At all times, make sure that you are taking proper safety precautions and practicing in a suitably safe environment.


If you want to become an expert, remember that the key to card throwing is SPIN. The faster the card spins, the more stable its flight, and the farther it will go. In part 1 of this episodes instruction, you'll learn how to get maximum spin on your card throws.


If you're having a hard time getting the throw down, you can build up your confidence with a simple cheat using a rubber band. Part 2 of the video shows you how to fling crfs around the office this way.

introducing the Ninja card throwing

Learning how to throw cards like Gambit

Throwing cards for the learning impaired



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Fun Facts

  • This episode features Ron Richards from iFanboy.
  • At the end of the episode, Brian hits Chad in the eye with a card.
  • After the credits, Chad apparently hits Brian in the eye.



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How to throw cards like Gambit!
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