Hues The Boss

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Hues The Boss
Number 282
Broadcast Date July 18, 2019
Episode Length 01:37:27
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Lobro

Brian's tales of celebrity from VidCon. Talking shit on Disney Land. Positivity streamer Lobro joins the show and a baby's day out in a new SNL quiz. Plus, emails to [email protected] Your parents don't check that bottle!

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We're doing a comedy festival! See us live in Austin at Out of Bounds Festival:


It's all a Con

Brian and Justin will be at Comic Con. Brian is on the "Next Gen Nerds" panel. Justin isn't doing a panel but the screening of the movie "This is Wrestling: The Joey Ryan Story" directed by Katy Dirks. Also Justin briefly appears in the movie and the trailer.

Night Attack will also be appearing at the "Out of Bounds Comedy Festival" with fourth-line billing. Austin Texas Tuesday Aug 27th at the Hideout Theater Downstairs. That room is the same room Brian rented out in 2000 to start his magic live stage show.

After the oobfest show Justin is heading to Dragon Con.

Speaking of cons, Brian committed tha the first Night Attack from Modern Rogue World Headquarters will be before Labor Day.

The Con Continues

Brian went to VidCon with his daughter, who was the driving force behind wanting to go. Brian didn't plan and Hey Bossed himself free industry tickets from Jim Louderback, who used to run Revision 3 (where Scam School started) and now runs VidCon.

Brian and daughter also visited Disneyland, which they said was good but not as good as the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Brian and his daughter got to go to an industry party designed to keep the Youtube "Stars" from being mobbed and they were both on their best behavior and got to meet "all the Youtube stars."

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This episode's the THE BIT BOSS was KATAISTALLA

Lobro is Here

Lobro, positivity streamer from is a guest on the show. They workshopped names for his non-existent late night program. Lobro still uses "Hot Yeah" to this day.

SNL Movie Game

It's a game from Biocow. There are movies made from Saturday Night Live sketches. The guys have to guess (Price is Right Rules: closest without going over) where they have to guess the Rotten Tomatoes score for the SNL movie. They get a chance for a bonus point if they can guess within $1 million the US domestic box office revenue.

First question was an example:

  • Macgruber. Brian says 77%, Justin says 41%, Lobro says 50%. It was 48%, Justin gets the point. Justin guesses box office $15 million, but it was $8.5 million.
  • It's Pat. Justin says 48%, Lobro says 40%, Brian says 1%. But it was actually 0% so no points! Brian guessed the box office $1 million, and it was $60,822, so he got that point.
  • Wayne's World 2. Lobro says 60%, Brian says 50%, Justin says 41%. It was 61%. Lobro guessed box office $20 million, but it was $48 million.
  • The Blues Brothers. Brian says 70%, Justin says 85%, Lobro says 80%. It was 83%. Lobro guessed box office of $40 million, but it was $57.2 million.
  • A Night at the Roxbury. Justin says 25%, Lobro says 60%, Brian says 30%. They all overbid so round 2: Justin says 1%, Lobro says 10%, Brian says 2%. It was 11%. Lobro guessed box office of $2 million, but it was $30.3 million.
  • Coneheads. Lobro says 20%, Brian says 35%, Justin says 37%. It was 35%. Brian guessed box office of $23 million, but it was $21.2 million.

Final round for three points!

  • The Ladies Man. Brian says 9%, Justin says 21%, Lobro says 10%. It was 11%.

Lobro wins! If you have a game, send it in to mail at night attack dot tv. If they use it you will most probably get stickers from

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Still Frogpants. See it all at Also t2t2 does the stats for the movie draft not Dan Dirks.


Maybe Bryce would like to watch American Soccer (Football) after his experiment watching American Football (sure why not). e-sports and real sports and real sports as e-sports. MLS is a party league. Arena football is like a cock fight. Scyne wants advice about gigs (Kids birthday parties are the pinnacle of learning to handle yourself with a bad crowd). Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.


  • "Star Wars World will be great when it comes to Walt Disney World" - Brian
  • "I Love <insert anything>" - Lobro

Fun Facts

  • Bonnie was working on a cosplay fox mask for Penny during the show
  • The tickets to VidCon would normally have been $850 each.
  • Youtubers are not Pokemon.
  • This episode was recorded July 16th 2019, July 16th 1988 was the date Tokyo was destroyed in "Akira".


Preshow & Aftershow

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