I'm Down With OTT

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I'm Down With OTT
Number 66
Broadcast Date March 6, 2012
Episode Length 59:00
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young, Andy Beach

Where is TV Everywhere? TV unaffected by the Web? QAM vs. IP delivery, and more.


Opening Video

Disturbing strokes

The Big Story

The web hasn't hurt TV, and subscription TV added 343,000 subs in Q4. [1] [2]

Another Big Story

Why ‘TV Everywhere’ is bogged down in negotiations and pacts. [3]

Yet Another Big Story

How paper towels on the bathroom floor relates to watching game of thrones. [4]

Probably Not Such a Big Story Since It's Our Fourth Big Story

RIP Ralph McQuarrie. [5]


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  • Broadcasters sue to stop $12 streaming service Aereo. [6]
  • Disney Channel TV shows appear on YouTube. [7]
  • Solve Media lets you skip Web video ads, one string attached. [8]
  • BitTorrent's elite switches from Xvid to x264. [9]

Tube Tops

  • QAM vs. IP Delivery explained by Andy Beach. [10]


Go to Netflix.com/twit for your free 30-day trial.

Film Falm

  • How to make Web video that looks like TV: make Web video about a TV show. [11]
  • MakerBot TV Series season 2 kicked off yesterday. [12]
  • Free the Network' trailer: from hacker activism to a user-controlled internet. [13]
  • Yahoo’s latest brush with big-name producer talent: Ben Stiller. [14]
  • New BATTLESTAR GALACTICA pilot completed. [15]

Premiering This Week

John Carter [16]

What We're Watching


  • LilyHammer
  • Walking Dead


  • Downton Abbey Season 2
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • Being Human
  • Fringe
  • Walking Dead


  • Walking Dead


  • Walking Dead


Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • This is the first morning episode of Frame Rate.
  • A hard-out is the cause for no feedback this episode.



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