It Gets UltraViolent

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It Gets UltraViolent
Number 254
Broadcast Date February 4, 2019
Episode Length 52:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

Zombie heists, RIP Ultraviolet, and Avengers and Toy Story first-looks. All this and more on Cordkillers!


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Intro Video

Primary Target

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem announced it's shutting down the Ultraviolet service as of July 31. After that time, all movies linked through Ultraviolet will remain available in all your linked retail stores. But new purchases will no longer replicate across Ultraviolet-linked accounts. Ultraviolet currently has more than 30 million users, who collectively store more than 300 million movies and TV shows in their cloud libraries.

How to Watch

US law allows nonprofit companies to retransmit broadcast TV networks without paying a fee. A company called Locast is now doing so in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Denver. It has to have an antenna in each region where it offers the retransmission. Locast is available on Roku and is supported through donations.
The Information says its sources say Apple has told its TV production partners to be ready for launch by mid-April. The service is supposed to launch within several weeks of that date. Disney is expected to show its own streaming service to investors on April 11, although it won't launch until later this year.

What to Watch

Jordan Peele's reboot of the Twilight Zone comes to CBS All Access April 1 with two episodes followed by new episodes weekly from April 11. Also heading to the streaming service on March 14 is season three of The Good Fight. A series based on The Stand by Stephen King is also being produced.
Avengers: Endgame released a TV teaser focusing on the heroes still in action after the end of the last Avengers movie. Avengers: Endgame will be released on April 26th, 2019.
A new teaser for Toy Story 4 was released showing Woody and Bo Peep at an amusement park with Buzz attached to a wall of prizes at one of the games, being taunted by Key and Peele as Ducky and Bunny. Toy Story 4 arrives June 21.
Zack Snyder is making a zombie heist movie called Army of the Dead for Netflix. Snyder told the Hollywood Reporter, "No one's ever let me completely loose." Shooting starts this summer.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Charter beat quarterly revenue estimates by adding 289,000 residential internet customers offsetting a loss of 36,000 residential video customers. That may not surprise you but how about this -- AT&T announced its DirectTV Now service lost 267,000 subscribers last quarter. CEO Randall Stephenson said the loss was expected as it phased out promotional pricing which applied to about 500,000 subscribers.
Hulu said it will start showing static ads when you pause video, starting this spring. Hulu says the ads are designed to be non-intrusive, starting with ads from Charmin and Coca-Cola. The ads will only show on Hulu's lowest-priced tier which is the one that has ads in the streams as well.
Dragon Media has agreed to shut down its Dragon Box service and pay $14.5 million in damages to Netflix, Amazon, Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros. The companies sued Dragon Media claiming the company provided custom software to help users obtain copyright infringing content saying, "Defendants provide customers with over 80 add-ons as part of their suite of Dragon Media add-ons to access all of the 'Unlimited Shows, Movies, [and] Live Sporting events.'" The alliance of companies previously shut down the TickBox in September.
Amazon's X-Ray feature which uses IMDb to deliver contextual information when you pause or swipe up during a video, is now available on the Prime Video app for Apple TV. It's not supported on all videos though.
Viacom launched a service called MTV Play in the UK that offers the MTV channel live as well as on demand access to shows like Teen Mom UK and Geordie Shore for £3.99 a month. Viacom also offers MTV+ as an add-on channel to Prime Video in Austria and Germany.

Dispatches From The Front

Hi Bryce

You probably have it already, but just in case you didn’t, is a good site that you can use for episode lists. That’s the main site I use to look up episodes.

When you were talking about whether it was episode 12 or 13, I looked at - it has it as 313.

Hope it helps.


90% of my watching TV is with a TIVO and antenna. The DVR and skip is the best. I use the Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Plex apps on the TIVO.

I have all the others Apple TV, Roku, Fire Stick. Apple TV is the second way I watch.


Today you answered the very question I've been meaning to email you - when is Season 3 of The Expanse hitting Prime?! At one point they said it would be November, but then ... it wasn't.

I've been putting off buying the season to save $$, and thanks to Cordkillers, I can save that $$. So you can have it!

Just joined your Patreon, which I shoulda done a while ago. Thanks to all of you.

Also glad to hear Sarah's one-notch-deeper-than-other-podcasts analysis of the Fyre Fest issue and the accountability of paid influencers.


Hi Tom, Brian and Bryce

Just noticed Amazon Prime has The Expanse season 1, 2 and 3 for streaming in 4K

looks pretty dam good in 4K.


Hey Tom, Brian, and Bryce.

Long story short:

Teksavvy tv, base package 20 bucks, tons of channel pack addons that range from 6 bucks to 20 bucks extra. Available on Android boxes, iOS, Amazon fire devices and apple tv. Roku and game consoles coming soon. (Will attach screenshots.)

Teksavvy, the best ISP in Canada (hometown bias) just launched their IPTV service to customers in Chatham Kent (where they are based, a small-town in between Windsor and London)

I think you can only access it when logged into your teksavvy MyAccount control panel.

Chatham only for now, then Ottawa and Toronto is the rumor I hear. Then the woooooorrrrlllddd (Canada only)

Thanks guys.




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