Let’s! Do! The Time-Shift Again!

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Let’s! Do! The Time-Shift Again!
Number 85
Broadcast Date August 24, 2015
Episode Length 1:05:47
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Andy Beach

The children are our time shifters, NBC wants to change Web video, Apple TV needs a comeback.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Nielsen report on Children viewing habits
Two-year period studied 2011-2013.
DVRs in half of households with children

Signals Intelligence

RUMORS (via Marc Gurman 9to5Mac)
No Apple TV service but a new Apple TV Box in September
Would run iOS 9 and have an app store (and SDK) and Siri
More storage, new larger remote w/ tactile keys and gesture-based support (+ Bluetooth, infrared and audio)

Gear Up

Parks Associates sales estimates for 2014
1. Roku 34%
2. Chromecast 23%
3. Fire TV 16%
4. Apple TV 13%
Estimate 86 million streaming-medie devices will be sold in 2019

Front Lines

Netflix will partner with Softbank on its launch in Japan. Softbank broadband or mobile customers will be able to subscribe to Netflix through Softbank and have the cost added to their Softbank bill. Netflix launches in Japan September 2.
Matt Murdock will get a new Daredevil costume in season 2 of the Netflix show with a bit more black along with the red.
Comcast is closing down the service that let its subscribers access video on demand through an Xbox 360 app without counting against bandwidth caps. The service will end September 1st.
New Zealand ISP Wireless Nation provides customers in New Zealand and Australia with a device that can download Netflix shows overnight during a time with free off-peak data — making them available to watch offline. The service is called NightShift. Andy, you looked into this a bit right?
Zero Views for iOS is an app that shows you only YouTube videos that have no views. Meaning you can be the first person to ever watch an endless parade of videos. Find out more at zeroviews.net

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From The Front

Hi. Love the show. Do you know of an App or Web page that lists what shows are playing on the various services (ie. Hulu vs Amazon Prime, vs Netflix, etc)?

- David

Hi guys, in regards to a cable company being able to go out of their market to get stations during negotiations, does this open the door for stations to sell themselves nationally?

Meaning, if some small station in rural North Dakota wanted a little extra money, could they just make it known that they are happy to let any cable company rebroadcast them that wants to for 5 cents less than the going rate per subscriber?

And does this rule only apply during local broadcast blackouts, or can it be done anytime? Seems there may be a small potential of stations undercutting each other, though the local news and weather (and commercials) would still be more useful if it was a local station.

- Andy from Michigan, where the weather is nicer than North Dakota today.

Hey guys,

I wanted to say that I thought Alison made an interesting point in her video feedback.

We haven't really had to think about how much we're willing to pay for our entertainment when it's come through the cable firehouse, and to get what we want or need we have to pay for that plus what we don't want. If we have to see how much each thing costs, perhaps we will think harder about each service or program. I think that might also step up the game for content creators to consider costs. Are they giving us the value for the price? If not, does that hurt them? If so, do they benefit financially and otherwise?

Perhaps one feature of cord-cutting is creating a smarter audience, and smarter creators? I think it's an idea to keep in mind going forward.

I like the show. Keep up the good work!

- Robert

Hey Tom and Brian, I just received this email from Amazon. I'm very disappointed. I know that GoogleTV never got a lot of traction, but I've been a fan because of the pass-thru capabilities. I've used it to do PiP between my DirecTV and GTV content, or have sports info pop up while watching non GTV content. Aside from the loss of functionality, this will probably finally force me to an older LCD I have that only has a single HDMI port. I haven't looked to see what AndroidTV has to offer, but hopefully they will have pass-thru devices.

Sincerely, listener and Patreon "boss",

- Brian

(from Amazon Prime Video, 8/16/15):

Hello, We're writing to let you know that the Amazon Video app will no longer be available on the Google TV platform after September 14, 2015, which includes streaming devices from Sony, LG, Vizio, Hisense, ASUS, Netgear, and Hausbell.

This means you won't be able to stream movies and TV shows directly from the Amazon Video app on your Google TV platform device. As we continually seek to improve our service, this occasionally means we can no longer support certain devices or features.

You can continue to stream Amazon Video on hundreds of other devices, including newer Smart TV and Blu-ray models, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Roku, game consoles, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and your computer's web browser.

You can learn more about compatible devices and register a new device at:

Sincerely, Customer Service Amazon.com



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