Mind Control Scam

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Mind Control Scam
Number 28
Broadcast Date September 25, 2008
Episode Length 7:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood

A brand new illusion that will trick your friends into believing in MIND CONTROL.

Revision3 Summary

Hey Gang,

Brian Brushwood here, and for the last 3 months, I've been working on something big: a brand new illusion that will trick your friends into believing in MIND CONTROL. Simply by reciting some lines of poetry, you'll cause a playing card to come into their mind...and then you'll point them to a YouTube clip that proves that their selection was predetermined.

This scam is unbelievably versatile: you can perform it in person, over the phone, and it's the ONLY trick I know of that can be performed over instant messenger. You can even do it with a borrowed iPhone: as long as your mark can get to YouTube, you can do this trick.

We've been secretly testing this effect for 3 months, and the responses have been unbelievable. Check out the effect in this week's episode of "Scam School", then check out the method explanation and cheat sheets we've posted at mindcontrolscam.com.

...and start scamming your friends. If you hit a home run, I want you to post a transcript of your IM chat session at the Scam School boards. We're also discussing our different tricks and techniques when performing this scam, and would love to hear what works best for you.

Special thanks to Stephanie Mack, Ryan Daume, and Glenn McElhose for being the guinea pigs in this episode!


Next Week

Next episode...very special episode. We're going to learn how to cork a bat using Silly Putty.

Fun Facts

  • Although Hippie Glenn has appeared in previous episodes of Scam School and has been credited as a Camera Operator in numerous episodes, this is the first time he has appeared speaking on camera.
  • When Brian tells Stephanie Mack to go to YouTube, Martin Sargent can be seen in the next cubicle.
  • When Stephanie searches for "Reverend Byron Triplett" on YouTube, the third video in the results belongs to Patrick Delahanty. It was tagged with keywords to make it appear when people search for the videos in this trick so that there would be a lower chance of one of the related videos being one of Brian's other videos...thus ruining the trick before the video is even viewed.
  • The other man in Brian's YouTube video is actually Brian's friend, C.J. Johnson.
  • Filmed at the Revision3 offices.
  • This is another one of the rare episodes not to credit Jonathan Pritchard as a Creative Consultant.



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