Movie Party

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Movie Party
Monthly event
Hosted by PoodlePuncher
No. of episodes 6+
Runtime Varies
Producer(s) Sascienne
Distributor Independent
Original Run November, 2016 - Present

Movie Party is a monthly event in which PoodlePuncher is joined by members of chatrealm , to view and make fun of bad movies.
The event is scheduled in advance, and communicated via twitter.
Currently; participants watch the movie on and chat via IRC & Discord
Participation is open to anyone, but for those that would rather just watch, the whole shebang is rebroadcasted on Diamond Club TV

The official movie doc is linked below, to track suggestions for future events.

Show Format

  • Watch Movie
  • Witty Banter (or not so witty)




1/20/18 Samurai Cop / Serial Rabbit V

12/31/17 ThanksKilling V

12/16/17 Krampus / Santa Claus conquers the Martians

11/18/17 Thankskilling / The Ghost in the invisible bikini

10/21/2017 Tourist Trap / Tormented

9/16/2017 Manborg / Death Race 2000

8/5/2017 Big Ass Spider / Horrors of Spider Island

7/15/2017 Team America / Buckaroo Banzai

6/14/2017 Batman 1968 / Robinson Crusoe on Mars

5/20/2017 WolfCop

4/23/2017 The Greasy Strangler

3/25/2017 Reefer Madness / Sex Madness

2/11/2017 Plan 9 from outer space / Zontar thing from venus

1/21/2017 Plane vs volcano

1/1/2017 Cowboys vs Dinosaurs

12/31/2016 Yoga Hosers

12/17/2016 Christmas Horror Story

11/19/2016 ZomBeavers