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Mr. Happy Pants (foreground)

Mr. Happy Pants is a pure evil being which may appear on college campuses, corporate presentations, or children's birthday parties. He is worshiped in at least one village in the Dominican Republic where he is referred to as "El Diablo de Mano" (literally "The Hand Devil").

Here's how Mr. Happy Pants describes himself:

For four thousand years my soul has roamed the depths of hell, searching for a ripe vessel to possess... Pickings got a little slim in the late 70's, so I ended up getting stuck in this puppet body. For the last few years, I've been touring with this weakminded fool magician, who uses me as some kind of punchline in his sophomoric bizarre magic show. Each night I plot Brian Brushwood's demise, but at least it's a living. Yep... being a semi-demonic puppet trying to make it in the children's magic show market is a pretty time consuming gig (lonely, to boot)... so I'm hoping to make a few friends on this newfangled interweb.

Mr. Happy Pants should not be confused with the burlesque dancer by the same name. (For real!)


The first known podcast appearance of Mr. Happy Pants was during the BBOTR episode Itches and Answers and again in The Action Figure Commercial! and The New 3-minute Demo. He later appeared in Scam School during Special Edition: Brian's Bizarre New York Magic Show (Part 2). (A still photo appeared two episodes earlier in Cigarette Out On Tongue.) A giant Mr. Happy Pants is seen at the end of Brian Live and Direct from Austin and SXSW.

The history of Mr. Happy Pants and how he became "pure evil" was explained in BBLiveShow Episode 1.

He has been referenced in NSFW, but has not made an appearance as of January 2011.

Fun Facts

  • It has been theorized that the first name of Mr. Happy Pants is "Richard".