NSFW @ SXSW Episode 4

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NSFW @ SXSW Episode 4
Number BBLiveShow: 52 / NSFW: N/A
Broadcast Date March 15/16, 2010
Episode Length ??:??
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville, Dr. Kiki, Tom Merritt, Bonnie the Invisible Wife, Dane Golden, and others

This was the last of the late night/early morning SXSW broadcasts with perhaps the most epic gathering of guests yet.


The video has apparently been lost to the ages, but a series of screenshots were discovered by Patrick Delahanty in July 2016, over 6 years later! 2010-03-16 01.33.28am.png 2010-03-16 01.33.33am.png 2010-03-16 01.33.37am.png 2010-03-16 01.33.43am.png 2010-03-16 01.33.48am.png 2010-03-16 02.04.39am.png

New Champions! Woo!

Great Quotes


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