Hunting the Night Creeper

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On June 8, 2010, Andrew and Justin thought it would be wise to dress up in their Sunday best and lurk around a swamp where a local legend supposedly lived. The set-up for this installment of Weird Things Live (and presumably those in the future), was that Andrew and JRY were out in the field wearing fine suits, searching for the alleged monster, while Brian and Amtrekker were comfortable indoors, making snide remarks.


Screenshot of the hunt, via Andrew Mayne's Flickr
Screenshot of the hunt, via Andrew Mayne's Flickr

Via Prettyjumbles:

  • A severed fish head was spotted a long distance away from the closest body of water.
  • A dead turtle with a cracked shell seems to have tried to cross a road by land instead of taking the turtle-safe waterway that goes under the road.
  • Also we are told there were reports of fast moving shadows, screams, and moaning. (I don't believe any of these were observed tonight)
  • The guys scoped out the area during the day and recorded some video showing the area in the daytime and pointing out the fish head and turtle
  • There was also prerecorded video of Justin, Andrew, and Brian talking about what was going to happen, what could possibly happen, best/worst case scenarios (alligator? hobo? get arrested?), and also a spot about how Andrew's ipad app could possibly be used to detect paranormal activity.
  • During the day a trip wire was set across a canal. The wire was tied to a brick on the shore on each end and was set a few inches above the water's surface.
  • At the beginning of the live stream they set up a second trap which consisted of an apparently stinky beef liver tied to empty soda cans and a walkie talkie. The walkie talkie was set to be always transmitting in the hopes that we would hear the cans rattling if anyone/thing tried to grab the nasty meat.
  • In the chat room there was much speculation about Frogmen, who I believe are not unlike Murlocs.
  • Justin and Andrew showed their boundless fortitude by continuing the investigation even after a storm tried to wash them out.
  • The first check of the trip wire showed that one brick was knocked over, as far as I remember everything else looked normal.
  • Later the meat & cans trap turned out to be gone. Nothing was heard over the walkie talkie, although Mayne admits that they were out of range for a brief time. This discovery lead to much discussion among Andrew, Justin, Brian, and Brett, and the chatroom. Racoons? Hobos? Curious passerby? The night creeper?

Eventually I think a hungry dog was deemed to be the most likely.

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  • The guys walked around and then drove around trying to find the walkie talkie's signal. There was a weird part where maybe something happened in a parking lot? I don't really know what was going on. Maybe someone else remembers better.
  • A final check of the tripwire revealed the most unusual thing of the night: the tin cans from the meat & cans trap appeared to be attached to the tripwire. Justin and Andrew were unable to pull the wire out of the water since the other brick was probably still attached and submerged.
  • Brian and Brett got suspicious and then perhaps some feelings were hurt.

Great Quotes

"It may, in fact, be frogmen." -Chatroom
"I hope that you guys get attacked by an alligator, while I can just sit in my studio and watch." -Brian
"You wanna get physical..." -Brian
"What, a beef liver? That's how the ewoks caught Chewbacca." -Andrew
"Shit's rancid." -Justin
"I am a fan of that hypothesis; that the fish just cut off it's own head and flipped it on up there." -Brian


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