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Screenshot of the hunt, via Andrew Mayne's Flickr
First ever Weird Things Live investigation, wherein Justin Robert Young and Andrew Mayne trolled around a swamp in fine suits, looking for the Night Creeper, while Amtrekker and Brian rested comfortably in their studios.

On June 8th, Andrew and JRY thought it would be wise to dress up in their Sunday best and lurk around a swamp where a local legend supposedly lived. The set-up for this installment of WTL (and presumably those in the future), was that Andrew and JRY were out in the field wearing fine suits, searching for the alleged monster, while Brian and Amtrekker were comfortable indoors, making snide remarks. On episode 12 of the Weird Things Podcast, Destroyer of Worlds, the hosts discussed the possibility of doing a second installment of WTL, possibly on the island near the house of Andrew Mayne's father, also known as SKULL FREAKING ISLAND, reportedly home to giant hogs, alligators, and oh, it's guarded by a fucking lake monster.

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