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OMGcraft is a show about Minecraft hosted by Chad "OMGchad" Johnson. New episodes are released on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a new course every first Saturday of the month.


I don't know, minecraft stuff I guess? Who knows about minecraft anyway? Not this guy! I'm the wiki writer man! I write alone! Naked.



Every Tuesday you get a tip. It's a quick snack for your week.


Every Thursday you get the spotlight. The spotlight is more open-ended than the tip.

First Saturday of Every Month

Every first Saturday of every month there's the course. It's a multivideo interconnected series

Once in a mojang release cycle

Whenever Mojang decides to increase the version update, chad will go deep into the new version to speak about it.

When a spring creeper blossoms

A Game On parody

Writers get too lazy to prerecord episodes

Chad will be live from his bedroom the night before and have some Indonesian guy edit it.

Cheeto's Summer Special

Not to be confused with the popular Minecraft Weather Report, is beachside fun! CREEPS GONE WILD

Chad dying his hair (Every First Monday of the Month)

It's just Chad dying his hair. For 2 hours. They don't even timelapse it.


Chad will hide in parents basement and talk about the room he's in.

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