Oh Hi, $45

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Oh Hi, $45
Number 284
Broadcast Date Auguust 08, 2019
Episode Length 01:39:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Con season is among us--Brian and Justin are going to DEF CON and then Jurbs is at Dragon*Con being a boss. A new game about Cameo: Cameo or Came-Uh-Oh. Plus, your emails to [email protected]! *slide whistle noise*


The Great Con Season

Justin has been at, and will be going to, many conventions this month. Next up he's going to DEF CON to work the Hak5 booth with Darren Kitchen. This is Justin's first trip to DEF CON.

Justin gave two talks at GenCon. After one of the talks an audience member approached him and revealed that he didn't realize Justin would be at GenCon, and also that he had written NFSW-Show era Justin into a "Creepypasta Role Playing Game" (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/153214/CreepyPasta-the-RolePlaying-Game) he had made as an SCP security guard (http://www.scp-wiki.net/).

Don't forget OOB Fest, https://oobfest.com/schedule Tuesday Aug 27th 2019. Get your tickets they're only ten bucks.

Andrew Mayne Do Do De Do De Do

Friend of the show Andrew Mayne's shark week special "Ghost Diver" aired on Discovery. Brian was at a family reunion and turned on the tv to watch it during the reunion because he said he would. Something worked because the special was the highest rated show that night or something.

Support the Show

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This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was TOMADONNA.

Cameo Game

Show producer Bryce Neshcom Castillo came up with this game. Cameo is a website that let's "celebrities" make varying amounts of cash recording short messages for people. The game is easy, given a celebrity, how much do they cost? Astute viewers may remember Cameo was discussed back in The Equine Clam Party. It's Brian and Justin together against the house.

As an example, they looked at NFL star Antonio Brown read through some stilted copy for which he made $500. Brian would like to make $500.

Two-Digit Price Celebrities, guess within $5 :

Three-Digit Celebrities, guess within $50:

  • Ron Jeremy. They guessed $249, the real price was $200.
  • Gilbert Gottfried. They guessed $751, The real price was $150.
  • Pauly Shore. They guessed $250, the real price was $150.
  • Vladimir Furdik. They guessed $149, the real price was $100.
  • Criss Angel. They guessed $999, the real price was $1000. Criss Angel is the second-most expensive person on cameo.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Sword and Laser is in first place. See it all at http://draft.diamondclub.tv


Is VidCon still youtube-centric? (A lot of vague praise for TikTok and discussion of others like twitter video, but a lot about Youtube). Christ is not Jesus' surname, does the "H" in Jesus H Christ stand for Houdini. (Justin never thought about the fact that Christ wasn't Jesus' last name). What do you think of Con vendors selling copyrighted material? (It's kinda weird to be big enough to have people bootlegging your stuff, see how much trouble you can get into before you start selling stuff. Brian bought a bunch of counterfeit bills to give out at DEF CON.)

Quotable Quotes

  • "I would like to make $500" - Brian
  • "This game makes me think we could automate Night Attack" - Justin
  • "Greatest value on all of cameo, are you fucking high" - Brian, regarding Gilbert Gottfried

Fun Facts

  • Turns out you can play Gilbert Gottfried's audio over any cameo and it still works.


Preshow & Aftershow

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