Patrick Norton

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Patrick Norton
Patrick Norton.jpg
Host of
Geek On.
Born June 26, 1970
Podcasts DTNS, Night Attack, NSFW

Patrick Norton is most commonly known as the former co-host and managing editor of Revision3 properties Tekzilla, HD Nation, and Systm, and as the former co-host and managing editor of The Screen Savers, an interactive television program on the former TechTV network geared toward the technology enthusiast.

He's written hundreds of product reviews for the likes of PC Magazine, CNET, PC World, Computer Power User, and TechTV, launched the online video and podcast group at Ziff Davis where he produced and hosted 188 episodes of DL.TV and started using computers back in the late CP/M early DOS days.

He's best known for answering tough tech questions, skewering products and beating dead PCs with a sledgehammer for the four years at TechTV when he hosted a live daily television show called The Screen Savers.[1]

On Episode 12 of Night Attack, he was the first person to participate in the Startup Spelling Bee.