Quicksilver Matches

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Quicksilver Matches
Number 20
Broadcast Date July 31, 2008
Episode Length 8:06
Hosts Brian Brushwood

It's Magic 101. Can you mimic the master?

Revision3 Summary

Effect: Taking two matches from different matchbooks (one black, one brown), you cause them to visibly switch places...right under their eyes. It's demonic; it's the Quicksilver Matches.

Method: Both matches have one light side, and one dark side (kind of like jedis). Two matchbooks are prepared so that one shows the dark side, and the other shows the light side. Remove a match from both books keeping the different sides facing up. Hold the matches by the head, and when you turn the matches over to show the backs, roll your thumb to flip the matches over. Essentially, you're showing the same side twice, but it looks like both sides are being shown. After showing "both" sides, quickly execute this "pop move" to turn both matches over, showing each match's opposite color. It looks exactly like the matches have instantly changed places

Next Week

Don't forget! Next episode, very special! We're going to be learning how to decaffeinate coffee using old paper towels and a 9 volt battery.

Great Quotes

"I don't normally go around just doing magic tricks..." -Brian
"Don't forget... If you actually buy one of these tables, you instantly become this beautiful." -Brian (referring to PoolSidePong.com)

Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Lucky 13.
  • Texas Bar & Grill in Austin, TX was also thanked. They likely supplied the matches.


Up close demonstration of quicksilver matches:


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Quicksilver Matches
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