Schrodinger's Cords

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Schrodinger's Cords
Number 68
Broadcast Date April 27, 2015
Episode Length 59:09
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Eklund

The war of numbers continues, while the war of cord-cutter packages rises and it all means we win more awesome shows.


Opening Video

Primary Target

Nielsen data released Thursday.
93% of households with cable, broadband and SVOD will drop BB or SVOD before cable.
Young people cancel cable often because of moving
Deloitte study - streaming has surpassed live TV
56% stream movies 53% stream TV 45% watch TV programs live
14-25 72% streaming video among most valuable service 58% pay TV
US Analyst Michael Nathanson of MoffettNathanson
Netflix now makes up 6% of total TV viewing
Nathanson figures that Netflix accounts for 43 percent of the ratings decline the networks experienced last quarter.

Signals Intelligence

Last week Verizon started offering more flexible bundles. ESPN said VZN couldn’t do that.
VZN CFO Fran Shammo “We believe that we are allowed to offer these packages under our existing contracts,”
Fox Sports to BloombergBusiness: "We reject Verizon's view that it can pursue the new packaging scheme it announced yet still comply with our agreements,"
NBC to BloombergBusiness: does not meet the current terms
ESPN suing Verizon for breach of contract: “We simply ask that Verizon abide by the terms of our contracts,"
Cablevision “Cord Cutter” package. 50 mbps Internet, HBO Now and Mohu Leaf antenna $44.90 a month for first year plus $15 a month for HBO plus $4.95 for modem lease so… 65 a month… for 12 months
Comcast Internet package now $67.95 a month (Limited Basic, HBO, 25 Mbps) in Washington

Gear Up

Miracast support coming to Xbox One
Android, Windows phone amd PCs cast photo/video to console or mirror screen
Comes in SmartGlass Preview app on Xbox One
Live TV streaming coming too (in NA)

Front Lines

Comcast dropped its attempt to merge with Time Warner Cable last week citing government opposition to the merge, but the Washington Post says its sources say Charter is now exploring a bid for TWC. SHould TWC settle for second choice or just stay single as a powerful self-confident independent woman—cable company?
The Wall Street Journal says AT&T’s proposed acquisition of DirecTV is likely win approval from the US FCC. The US Department of Justice also has yet to raise any significant issues. Should the combined company be called Direcattv?
Marvel president Kevin Feige told Cinema Blend that he is so obsessed with Star Wars that he has made sure somebody gets their arm cut off in every Phase Two Marvel movie as an homage. Is this gratuitous, awesome or both?
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of The Lego Movie fame are producing and writing a treatment for an animated Spider-Man movie to come out July 20th 2018. Too much Spider-man?
The BBC has confirmed that in its upcoming Docudrama about the making of Grand Theft Auto, called “Game Changer” - Daniel Radcliffe will play Rockstar games co-founder Sam Houser and Bill Paxton will play lawyer Jack Thompson. Do you dare say anything about Thompson and risk a cease and desist for uttering his name? Hmm?
NBC Sports has launched a version of its Live Extra app for Apple TV and Roku. Still need a qualifying cable subscription to access that. Just thought you should know.

Under Surveillance

Netflix has officially ordered 13 episodes of Fuller House produced by and guest starring John Stamos. Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber will star. Discussions with other members of the Full House cast are ongoing. Pregnant and recently widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller (Cameron-Bure) is living with her younger sister (Sweetin) and lifelong best friend (Barber) and her "feisty" teenage daughter. All join to help raise DJ’s two boys and prepare for the birth of the new baby.
Previous commitments prevent Steven DeKNight from continuing as showrunner. Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez will stay on and take the helm.

Dispatches From The Front

Hey guys,

Coming from a broadcast TV background I found your discussion on periscope last week very interesting. I work in Sports broadcasting and as a rights holder we own the rights to any video shot in the venue. We often use spectators footage from instagram, we don't need to ask permission because we already own the rights.

If periscope gets big enough they will have no choice but to setup a content management system to block copyright infringement. I think Twitter is being very naive saying that they have a take down procedure. That sounds like a law suit waiting to happening, especially when other online video providers have active system's to pull content ie YouTube and even Twich.

Aso I would have thought bars would have paid for commercial access to the cable company so if HBO is part of the package I don't see what the issue is. Here in Australia how much a bar pays for access to subscription TV is tied directly to how much turnover the bar has. It ends up for a larger venue as several thousand dollars a month.

HBO is probably caring more about piracy because they now sell a streaming service. Previously you would need a cable subscription to view HBO. People downloading HBO show probably fall into the category of people who don't have cable, HBO would want to convert those people into streaming customers. People generally stop pirating because its easier to pay, seems like its good business sense to make pirating as difficult as possible.

Love the show,

- Hosko the sports director

I'm a time warner business class rep. In regards to the HBO story, bars ar actually requires to buy a bar/restaurant package, and any other type of service is actually against some city ordinances. PPV, AND SPECIALY Broadcasrs are billed on a per head estimate or fire capacity rating for the facility. This discourages establishments from just paying the residential price and just raking in a massive profit without the actual content creator relieving their supposed due. Hotels have a hospitality package in which we sell what's called a hospitality insert package, which why they provide HBO, and other channels within their lineups. In those instances they pay a flat rate per TV set., and it's typically more than the consumer cost, because it's considered public display. Thought I'd give you a little insight.


Hey Shwood and Tom,

I'm hoping that you guys can shed some light on how us Cord Killers can stream the big fight this weekend legally. My current setup is Sling TV + Plex on my Fire TV and HTPC. Additionally, I have a PS4. Is there a way I can watch the fight? Boxing, take my money!

Your boss,


Hey Tom & Brian,

I want to first say thank you for splitting out It's Spoilerin' Time into a separate news feed. I often go back & watch those episodes to hear your opinions after I've caught up on the shows.

However this week I was disappointed to find the Movie Draft Update being covered only in the Spoilerin' Time episode. I really liked this being part of the main show for the Winter Movie Draft, and would have completely missed it altogether if I hadn't noticed the rundown for this week's Spoilern' Time episode.

Any chance of seeing the Movie Draft Update making its way back into the main show? As you're boss, I'd really appreciate it!

As always, keep up the great work!

- Benjamin

Just saw the most recent Cord Killers and have some clarification to offer. You said that PlayOn is $10 a month after an intro period. CNET said $10 for 3 months -- think Tom read it wrong PlayOn and PlayLater (basically internet DVR that records to your PC hard drive) together are normally actually only $40/year but here's the BIG thing: They are on sale for $50 (OK, $49.99 but don't you HATE that?!) for lifetime use right now, only $90 when not on sale. A onetime expense and done. ...The sole negatives are that PlayLater records in real time, so if you are getting an hour-long show, it takes an hour, and closed captions are painful and pretty much a loss. For one example, an unscrupulous person could record HuluPlus shows and then play them back with the ability to FF thru commercials... They are great, almost essential tools for a cordcutter.


2015 Winter Movie Draft

  • 1. GFQ: $363,306,485
  • 2. Cordkillers: $30,291,700
  • 3. Frogpants: $25,075,475
  • 4. Night Attack: $0
  • 5. DTNS: $0
  • 6. Amtrekker: $0



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