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Dan 'SgtMuffin' Christensen
Looking particularly dapper?
Born 1987
Known For DiamondClub.TV, BrickSlap.TV,,, Diamond Club Slots,

SgtMuffin's War Room

Dan Christensen (aka SgtMuffin) is a minor internet god and web developer known primary for his enterprise software titles which are none of your business. He has recently started creating stuff for chatrealm and diamond club, which is all of your business. On April 1st 2015 he took over control and launched the new Diamond Club TV website (v2, since passed on to t2t2 for v3). The main goal of the site is to automate most tasks and allow others to broadcast and share the unique and fun content that chatrealmers and friends are making.

As a kid he loved to build stuff with legos, tinker toys. Started to get into computers in Elementary School around 3rd Grade. By freshman year in high school he has a Domain based windows network in his house. Loves to work with computers, and has built tons of fun stuff throughout his life, helping thousands of people. All side projects to date have been 100% free to users, due to his reliable job there is no need to make more money.


SgtMuffin considers himself a person who has casually tried most things in the tech world, however once one sticks likes to cling to it. One great testament to that is PHP/MySQL, which is what all of his web applications are built to run on. He has background in Servers, Server Administration, Network Design, "ethical?" Hacking, Graphic Design, Phone Systems, and probably more.

War Room

SgtMuffin is known for his War Room (aka Studio, Office, etc), featuring 2 Laptops, 4 Gaming PCs, 14 Monitors, DXRacer Chairs. He spends a majority of his off-time there.

Mishap in High School

Dan was an A-B student through school and college, but one fun story was in High School there was a huge misunderstanding that almost resolved in him being Expelled from school / Jail. He made a page because he was trying to show how unsecure web things are, and it was a rudimentary 'phishing page' which was obvious to him that it was fake (never intended to trick or fool anyone), however the Administrators have placed a tracker on him. They got all his teachers to try to dig up dirt on him trying to prove he was a hacker that wanted to start a grade changing operation for profit. (Crazy, huh?). They did find out that prior he built a tool that disabled the spying software on the computers without alerting administrators, which he did but never used and told everyone that this could get them in big trouble. Eventually they found a way to detect it and it was no longer useful.

Everything was dropped after he discovered on his home web servers that the school administration were hacking around the web server trying to guess things to gain access to his private files. After threatening a large lawsuit they dropped everything and allowed him to return to school with the stipulation that he was to not use a networked computer for the remainder of high school.

Also it was alleged that he planted several viruses which deployed causing huge problems to the district's network, which is completely false, however it was told to him anonymously that another student did that as revenge. He was called to the office after return regarding that and still to the day as everything is dropped he honestly did not do that, nor ever intended to cause any harm. He did some practical jokes with the IT Admins, however nothing caused any monetary damage. It did only because they wanted it to.

He has said publicly "If I wanted to destroy a network, steal information, passwords... I could, and you would never know or be able to trace me. I never have been a person who liked hurting others, my life has been quite the contrary. This lesson has taught me one thing... Those who do not understand computers are clearly afraid of what they don't know, and when they hear the word hacker, they flip out and get hysterical."

Fun Facts

  • Name was invented when playing UT2004, Friend took SgtPepper, and random thought determined SgtMuffin (has haunted him since)
  • His name is an anagram for Muff Sting (ladies... wiiiink)
  • Has way too many screens in his house, if eye cancer was a thing he'd have it.
  • Has more servers than he can count at various points around the world.
  • Drives a GMC Sierra truck, rockin' the <> sticker.
  • Has a Game Room which has a Mame Cabinet, a Virtual Pinball Cand a 2014 Stern Mustang Pinball. e Galaxy Pinball... Is a complete Arcade/Pinball nerd.
  • Was almost at 400lbs and lost a significant amount of weight in 2012. Refuses to use a scale because weight means nothing, it's how you feel.
  • Has developed several software titles ranging from a Sales CRM & Scheduling System, Field Dispatch System, Secure Document Storage Engine, and several more things.


If you want to help cover server costs or to help fun future improvements on projects releated to Diamond Club TV and other sites that directly affect Chatrealm donate at his patreon page here.

Early Wiki Page

The original page for SgtMuffin had a quote "Don't you dare make a wiki page for me!". This was in reference to a conversation in #chat (chatrealm)