Skymalls, Card Throwing, and Bacon

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Skymalls, Card Throwing, and Bacon
Number 2
Broadcast Date September 15, 2006
Episode Length 5:00
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Nick Wells

Episode Summary

After 3 hours of sleep, Nick and Brian head off to the next gig, make fun of skymalls, and talk bacon.

Show Notes

Watching this again, I was surprised at how much I liked this episode. I'm especially surprised at how many of the goofy skymall comments made me laugh a full year later.

Fun Facts

  • Did nobody notice that the write-on map mural in the Skymall catalog is backwards? (It has since been corrected.)

Great Quotes

"This is where we're going to send you, Julie." -Brian



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Skymalls, Card Throwing, and Bacon
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