Splashin' money on ma face!

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Splashin' money on ma face! is a catch phrase that originated privately in Brian Brushwood's Orlando home in the early morning of October 8, 2010. Brian, Bonnie, Justin, Daniel Garcia, and Patrick Delahanty were hanging out after Brian had returned from a Thursday night performance. Somehow, through the course of conversation and joking around, Brian, Justin, and Daniel had invented a new song with the following lyrics:

Splashin' money on ma face!
Splashin' money on ma face!
Splashin' money, money, money, money, money on ma face!

The tune was repeated quite often that weekend by all involved and it wasn't long before a dance was invented to accompany the song.

The song was referenced by Justin during a pre-episode missive for Cannata Dome months later. After being exposed to Chatrealm, the song (and fist-clenching dancing motions) quickly gained new life.

View the YTMND version here.