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TWiT Cottage is the nickname given to the former home studio and headquarters of TWiT. The TWiT Cottage was located in Petaluma, California.


The TWiT cottage was comprised of offices for TWiT staff and a studio for content production. Most of the podcasts on the TWiT network were recorded at the cottage. Although it started out in just one room, they eventually took over the entire building. By the time they moved out in July 2001, there were 18 employees crammed in there.


In January 2010, Leo Laporte gave a tour of the TWiT Cottage in preparation for a trip to CES. Another tour was given in July 2011 immediately before moving out.


TWiT founder Leo Laporte first rented a small room upstairs in the building as studios for his radio show, The Tech Guy. After deciding to start TWiT Live, Leo extended that area of the cottage they rented. TWiT now rents the entire building.

On July 24, 2011, TWiT moved to the nearby TWiT Brickhouse. Leo's The Tech Guy show was the final show broadcast from the cottage. That broadcast was followed by a live stream of a parade down the street to the TWiT Brickhouse. The stream was switched over to the Brickhouse after a tour of the new facility and before This Week in Tech.

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