The Amazing iCard

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The Amazing iCard
Number 194
Broadcast Date November 30, 2011
Episode Length 11:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Daniel Garcia

Revision3 Summary

How do you make a playing card magically appear out of your iPhone? Watch Brian's buddy and fellow magician, Daniel Garcia, teach Mark Watson (aka SoldierKnowsBest) this badass trick!

To perform this trick yourself, download the 4 images below. Your slideshow should be arranged in this order:

image 1

image 2

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 4

image 4

SS193-1.jpg SS193-2.jpg SS193-3.jpg SS193-4.jpg

Next Week

Next week, make sure to join us, because we are gonna learn how you can finally always, on queue make one of those awesome, long, skinny pieces appear when you're playing Tetris

Great Quote

Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Mars Bar



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The Amazing iCard
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