The Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy
Number 40
Broadcast Date June 21, 2011
Episode Length 1:22:05
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Justin foolishly rushes into surgery that could make his creepy stare deadly. Brian gets sold a house on the cheap for his family to move into but when winter comes, a vile secret becomes a disgusting reality. Andrew plots the confusing world of global conspiracies and possibly uncovers one that could fundamentally reshape our idea of space travel.



Right off the bat, Andrew announces that its time for an elective surgery. Justin is totally down for it without learning a single thing about it; meanwhile, Brian is a bit more hesitant. However, Brian's opinion changed when Andrew describes it as "pretty much the most awesome procedure you could ever have".

Recently, some researchers found a way to emit laser light from biological cells. After they recognized how awesome that is, their conversation devolved into a discussion of Andrew's girlfriends and Stan Lee.

Snakes in the Plains

Andrew has a nice new piece of real estate that he is selling at a rock bottom price. It's a bit out of the way, rural perhaps, but there is super fast Internet, five bedrooms and fairly nice scenery. Brian offers $350,000 which Andrew accepts immediately then drives away. Being the polite person that he is, Andrew lets Brian go back in time to make another offer. They finally agree on $50,000 for the property, but Brian is getting skeptical. Andrew explains that there may be a hibernaculum in there, but you really shouldn't worry about that. A hibernaculum is a place that an animal chooses to sleep for the winter.

So few weeks later, after Brian and his family are all moved in, he looks out at his vast front yard and his lawn seems to be moving. Then inside the house, he notices a lot of noise that seems to be coming from the walls. There may be a bit of a snake problem.

There is a family in Idaho that is being absolutely invaded by thousands of snakes. When building the home, they didn't know that they were directly on top of the location were thousands and thousands of snakes from miles around come to stay during the winter. Every morning, the father has to do a sweep of the house to make sure that none of the snakes made it into the house. In one day alone he killed 42 snakes. After that day, he gave up moved the family out of the house and admitted defeat in the war against the snakes.

The Conspiracy

The guys get into a heated discussion when Andrew asks if they think that a politician has ever been replaced with a body double without any of the public knowing.

Right now, there is a conspiracy theory going around that hints that Google is up to something HUGE that will blow every one's mind. Recently something was actually leaked in one of their projects that hints to this massive project. On Google Mars, there are some weird objects that appear to be buildings on the surface of Mars. Unfortunately the video that they reference has been removed from youtube.

Book Club




  • Super 8

Great Quotes

  • "My lawyer once said 'You gotta read something'." -Brian
  • "Ain't no ghosts in Idaho, everyone knows that." -Brian



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