The Laziest Old Man Is A Hero

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The Laziest Old Man Is A Hero
Number 322
Broadcast Date July 27, 2020
Episode Length 1:02:20
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Iyaz Akhtar

Watch less TV and get healthier? Maybe! HBO Max subscriber numbers are in, and Bill & Ted has a physical and virtual screening date! All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Iyaz Akhtar.


Intro Video

Primary Target

A study from the University of Glasgow followed 490,966 UK participants between the ages of 37-73 for twelve years from 2006-2018.
The purpose was to investigate associations between TV viewing time and health. (TV for this study included watching videos on devices like a mobile phone too.
TV time was self-reported in hours per day.
The study found the lowest risk of death associated with those who watched less than 2 hours a day.
"Limiting TV time to 2 hours per day might have prevented, or at least delayed, 7.97% (95% CI, 5.54-10.70) of CVD deaths. Substituting TV time with sleeping, walking, or moderate or vigorous physical activity was associated with reduced risk for all outcomes when baseline levels of substitute activities were low." (All deaths lowered estimated 5.62%)
Dr Hamish Foster from the University of Glasgow's Institute of Health and Wellbeing led the study.
"Further research is needed to understand all these factors and inform future advice and guidelines."
For instance unhealthy eating and lower socioeconomic status are linked to higher TV Time and also to poor health.

How to Watch

On AT&T's earnings call, CEO John Stankey told analysts that HBO and HBO Max had a combined 36.3 million subscribers by the end of June. Of this HBO Max had roughly 3 million retail customers, with another 1 million activation coming through bundles with other AT&T platforms. Stankey said that getting HBO subscribers that use linear cable service signed up to HBO Max has been slow, and that HBO Max users spend 70% more time in the app than HBO Now users.
On AT&T's earnings call, CEO John Stankey told analysts that HBO and HBO Max had a combined 36.3 million subscribers by the end of June up 5%. Of this HBO Max had a total of 4.1 million signups. Stankey said that getting HBO subscribers that use linear cable service signed up to HBO Max has been slow, and that HBO Max users spend 70% more time in the app than HBO Now users.
Stankey accused Amazon of "treating HBO Max and its customers differently than how they’ve chosen to treat other services, and their customers.” He did not mention Roku.
A free with ads version of the service is still expected in 2021.
MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett wrote Thursday in a note to clients that HBO Max “has gotten off to a rather inauspicious start.” Although it “cleared the bar of growing nicely past the baseline of pre-launch ‘regular’ HBO subscriptions.”
Stankey said more movies that had been intended for theaters will be shifted to streaming though Tenet will not be one of them.
AT&T internet customers dropped from 14.05 million to 13.94 million. Fiber customers rose from 4.1 million to 4.32 million during the three-month period
  • TV
Lost 954,000 video customers
886,000 from its cable services (DirecTV, U-Verse and AT&T TV)
AT&T TV Now lost 68,000.
AT&T finished the quarter with 19.4 million video customers across these services down from 25.5 million a year ago.

What to Watch

A kids-oriented animated Star Trek series called Prodigy will premiere on Nickelodeon in 2021. The series will be written by the Trollhunters pair, Kevin and Dan Hageman, Prodigy will be about rebellious teens who commandeer an old starfleet ship and head off for adventures. CBS All Access released the opening scene of Star Trek: Lower Decks as well. It premieres August 6. And Star Trek: Discovery will return for season 3 on CBS All Access October 15.
Plex added an 80-channel ad-supported grid of free streaming content. Like Pluto TV or Xumo it includes streams from Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Tastemade IGN etc. You don't need PlexPass, a Plex server or even a login to access it. Just the Plex app.
Netflix stopped production on a series called If Only set in Turkey the day before filming. The series features a gay character and the Turkish government refused a filming permit. Rather than write the character out of the series, Netflix has canceled the show.
Netflix has delayed production of season 5 of the Crown until next June. Deadline's sources say this was a planned hiatus unrelated to the virus.Season 4 is in the can and set to premiere later this year. AND The Legend of Korea returns to Netflix August 14. Avatar: The Last Airbender placed in Netflix's top 10 for 61 days, a record.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Warner Brothers announced Monday that Tenet will open in 70 countries worldwide August 26. It will show in some US cities starting September 3.
Last week AMC Theaters announce it would delay its reopening from July 30 to mid-late August so its theaters will be open when Tenet launches. Monday, Regal cinemas announced it will reopen in the US starting August 21, the day Unhinged with Russel Crowe is set to release.
Lots of other films moved too. Disney took Mulan off its schedule for the time being. Avatar movies have been delayed by a tear with Avatar 2 now set for December 16 2022. The first of an untitled Star Wars trilogy directed by Taika Waititi has been moved a year to Dec. 22 2023. A Quiet Place Part 2 has been moved from September to April 23, 2021 and Top Gun: Maverick shifted from December to July 2, 2021.
Sensor Tower reports NBC's Peacock streaming app saw 1.5 million downloads in its first 6 days. For those keeping score that's 25% more than Quibi got in its first 6. Peacock was number one on iOS for its first two days, number 1 on iPad OS for the first three days and stuck at number 1 among non-game apps on Google Play since launch.
Speaking of Quibi, (a phrase said very rarely), the ability to take a screenshot of the app has been launched. Well sort of. You still can't use the iPhone's screenshot capability. You have to use a screenshot tool from within the Quibi app by touching and holding the screen until a pop-up menu appears.
Fast Company's sources say Apple TV Plus may pivot to more movies after the success of Greyhound with Tom Hanks on the platform. One source said that Apple is "discussing plans to release a dozen new movies a year on Apple TV+."
Google's Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max now support Netflix. You can tell Google Assistant what show to play or scroll through menus using the Nest touchscreen. Gesture control on the Nest Hub Max is supported for pause and resume playback.

Dispatches From The Front

Hey killers,

I was sitting here watching JG Quintel’s new show Close Enough (Love it) on HBO Max (not a plug) and it made me think “How cool it would be if streaming services added a music streaming/YouTube-like function by allowing users to create playlists for episodes they love?” If they wanted more cool points, they’d be shareable.

My thought stemmed from wanting to put episodes from this show and Regular Show together in a mix but imagine making holiday themed lists or the equivalent of a “mixtape” containing “our shows/movies” with your significant other. This could be a game changer and I’m surprised it doesn’t already exist!

Peace and love!

- Edge

Good morning Tom and Brian,

I am struggling to figure out how I can watch the Blues win their second Stanley Cup. I assume that TV rights were item #1 during negotiations for the NBA and NHL return to play. I live in St Louis, so traditionally NHT TV blacks out all in-market games. Last I checked Edmonton was not in Missouri, but I believe FSMW is going to carry the round-robin tournament games.

I had been using PS View/Vue until it went away with the season's pause. Sling, I believe, still is in a pissing match with the region FS networks, way to go Disney....

Am I left with YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV? I know Fubo also ended up losing regional fox sports stations.

I think the general question is, what happens to sports TV rights with these bubble centers?


- Sean

I figured I'd write you guys about the progress of using PLEX to make a streaming service. Long story short, it's been a success! We already had a fair collection of content, and I'm slowly growing my physical (and digital) library, so there's always new content to watch on the PLEX. I also figured I'd let you guys know what I'm using, both hardware wise and software side. For hardware, I'd highly recommend Seagate's 5 TB external hard drive. At about $100, it's a huge deal, and the most storage I've seen that you can get at that price. I'm also using a $90 external blu ray drive to rip the blu rays. From a software perspective, I'm using Tuneskit for iTunes content, MakeMKV for ripping the Blu Rays and DVDs, and Handbrake for compressing the content if I feel inclined to do so. While MakeMKV technically requires a license, while the software is in "beta", the devs have been releasing free temporary keys every month in their forums.

I still have more work to do, as the college I go to doesn't support port forwarding and I'm using my laptop as a host, so I need to change my setup if my siblings are to be able to watch the content while I'm at college, but this has been going very well and is fun and easy to use. Thank you for the encouragement!

Hard drive:
Blu ray Drive:
MakeMKV Free Keys:

- Amar



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