Those Firemen Were So Handsome

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Those Firemen Were So Handsome
Number 278
Broadcast Date June 19, 2019
Episode Length 01:36:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The one we love more than all others. Children loose on the roads. Psychie/Sikey wars. A new game, "Headlines and Ink Lines?" I thought the vault meant something!

Check out all the drawings from the game and more at

There's just enough time to support MikeTV's songbook Kickstarter:


Not A Musical Curse

Mike TV was supposed to appear on the show but had to cancel due to a family emergency. It's okay, he'll be back on a later show. In the meantime, check out Mike TV's Kickstarter. Night Attack definitely does not have a musical curse with Tom Cattt cancelling twice and now Mike TV. Definitely not a curse. Nope.


Brian posted a poll on twitter about whether people say "psych!" or "sike!" which mysteriously ran almost 50/50 on what people thought was the right way. Justin chimed in with a Perry Bible Fellowship comic which actually uses "sike." What is wrong with people.


Brian's daughter got her driving learner's permit, so Brian and her were doing a little driving instruction. Bonnie also did driving and got to be "cool mom" and let her peel out to see what the car dynamic is like. Brian got his learner's permit at 15 and did highway driving with his parents. This got looks on the highway since Brian looks about eight years old.

Patreon and Twitch : get the preshow and postshow in your own private super cool RSS feed. Also maybe get your name shouted out in the name chant corner hour like GOLF HOUSE. : During the subs n' bitz story minute you can get your name weaved into a nice succinct little story.

This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was YOURMANJEFF1.

Headlines and Inklines Game

It's a game from Biocow with contributions from the community. Someone draws a sketch based on a news headline. The guys get to see the sketch and have to figure out what the headline was.

This game doesn't work well without the image but just roll with it, dear reader.


The game is afoot.

If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv. If they use it you more than likely will receive stickers from

MikeTV Kickstarter

Mike TV, friend of the show, has a kickstarter for a Songbook of Get Set Go's first album, which is a really nifty idea.

Justin Live Show

Justin has a live show at Pianofight in San Francisco Saturday June 29 2019. Get tickets here.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Frogpants. See it all at


Are you all going to be in Dr. Strange 2, and who are you playing? (It's called "Prison Logic" and they play crackheads). Johnny Fox passed away two years ago, did anyone work with him? (Brian wasn't sure, but in general tell people you like their work before they're gone. Justin never met them.) Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.


  • "It's very important you kill that bat that bit you" - Brian

Fun Facts

  • OJ Simpson is a trash human being.


Preshow & Aftershow

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