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Number 148
Broadcast Date October 9, 2012
Episode Length 1:24:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Chad Johnson

In this episode Brian and Justin tackle the tough questions: is "Purple Drank" good for you? Why isn't there a viral video hall of fame? Just how racist and homophobic are YouTube comments?


Opening Video

Dancing Chicken Mucka Blucka

Viral Video Hall of Fame

In the pre-show, Justin came up with the idea for the Viral Video Hall of Fame. The rules are that the videos have to have been around for at least five years and we can only add five videos per year. As for the voting committee, everyone who has been a guest on NSFW gets a vote and the Chatrealm.

Why are Daddy and Daddy Fighting?

As Brian and Justin worked out the details for the Viral Video Hall of Fame, it was clear that a large portion of the Chatrealm wasn't behind the idea. When Brian saw the Chatrealm's reaction, like an asshole (Brian's own words) he turned on Justin and sided with that Chatrealm as if the idea of a Hall of Fame was a terrible idea from the start. At this point, Justin got upset because he thought that Brian had always thought it was a dumb idea and just made Justin look like an asshole. But it's ok, they drank lots of beer and are better friends after having gone through this experience.


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Review all of the rules here.


  • Chocolate Rocket
    • Bets: Brian- Homophobia- Drink Justin- Timecode- Drink Chad- Trolling- Drink
  • Guy loves his car
    • Bets: Brian- Last 3 in last 12 hrs. - Win Justin- Timecode x3 - Win Chad- Homophobia - Win

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "What do you mean 'white spirits'? Steve Jobs?" -Justin
  • "EEUGH Kraft Singles." -Chad
  • "I'm gonna stick with homophobia." -Chad
  • "Threecommentsintwentyfourhours!" -Chad

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