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Alex Hanna
Alex in his palatial office inside of a tree.
Known For His winning smile
Podcasts Diamond Dialogue

Alex Hanna, aka tinnvec, is a programmer, podcaster, chatrealmer, and occasional guest on DTNS. Alex built Podweb, a web-based podcast manager and player.

In 2014 Alex started Diamond Dialogue, a podcast interviewing podcast personalities and fellow members of chatrealm. It was awarded Best New Chatrealm Podcast by popular vote in the 2014 Chatrealm Awards.[1]


Fun Facts

  • Tinnvec is an anagram for Vincent
  • Is a Chatrealm moderator
  • Drives a 2009 pt cruiser


  • "luckily my wife doesn't care about VD" - 1/9/2015
  • "Aged Wood is my favorite elderly porn selection" - 3/13/2015