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The podcast that helps you watch what you want, when you want, on any device you choose.
Hosted by Brian Brushwood,
Tom Merritt
No. of episodes 100+
Runtime 60 minutes
Camera Switcher(s) Bryce Castillo (early 2015-present), Zak Holder (2013-early 2015)
Editor(s) Bryce Castillo (early 2015-present), Zak Holder (2013-early 2015)
Distributor Independent
Original Run December 23, 2013 - Present

Cordkillers is a podcast in which Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood discuss "cord cutting", films, TV, and anything else of related interest.

Welcome to the revolution We are a show about not just cutting the cord but killing it with fire.Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for your freedom? Are you tired of living under the oppression of that snake-like coax cable that insists IT is the true arbiter of what you can watch and when and where you can watch it?

Kill it. We'll help.

So many people and things have led up to this moment. The big bang. DNA. Seafaring. Peanut butter. Philo Farnsworth. Walt Disney. Ted Turner. Vint Cerf. Tim Berners-Lee and You.

You hold the power. Previously we've framed this movement as something that only rated a cautious approach. Now we're headed over the top. Join us.

Show Format

  • Intro Video
  • Primary Target
  • Secondary Target
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Gear Up
  • Under Surveillance
  • Front Lines
  • On Our Radar
  • On Screen
  • Dispatches from the Front