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Number 125
Broadcast Date May 1, 2012
Episode Length 1:10:52
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

This week we're joined by Tom Merritt. What can go wrong?!


Opening Video

Avengers '78 Promo

Secrets or BS

The Chatrealm has sent in their embarrassing stories that may be legitimate Secrets or made up BS and it is Tom and Brian's job to determine which they are.

  • A guy was working as a DJ and got totally blackout drunk. The next day he woke up with a couple chicks in his bed.
    • Tom- Secret
    • Brian- BS
Answer- Secret
  • He was at the Golden Coral with his then wife, when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he went to the bathroom as well. The thing is he accidentally went into the women's restroom. Luckily nobody came in or out while he was in there, and he got back to the table without anybody knowing
    • Brian- Secret
    • Tom- Secret
Answer- Secret
  • He and his friends were pledging for a fraternity when he started puking in the bathroom. Little did he know, he was puking in the women's bathroom
    • Brian- BS
    • Tom- Secret
Answer- Secret

Treasure Hunt

The guys sent the Chatrealm on a hunt across the internet looking for the most embarrassing pictures of Brian, Justin and Tom. Even though they said they would crown a winner, they didn't.

See some of the pictures that the Chatrealm found here.

Happy Time Fun Booze Spills

The guys have been drinking and took questions from the Chatrealm.

  • How did Justin lose his virginity?
    • He was 23 and it was with his mom's sorority sister.
  • What's the stupidest thing Tom has done on the air?
    • He was on public access TV doing a story on a 4H farm and it involved a bottle of goat semen.
  • What is the most interesting moment on air Brian had with Justin where he was really drunk?
    • It involved a game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill" and his kids got brought up.
  • What is the worst thing Tom has ever done that got him in the dog house with Eileen?
    • Tom didn't have an answer, but Brian and Justin did however they didn't tell it


Letting you look into the ladies bathroom.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "Daddy's having an identity crisis right now." -Brian
  • "Hey listen, let's go ahead and cool this one down. Put a couple ice cubes in your pocket, cause we got another Secrets or BS on the docket!" -Justin
  • "Jury, I don't know how to tell you this, but I really irrationally hate you when you talk in that voice." -Tom
"I just want to choke the life out of you." -Tom
  • "Want to do boozy time fun fest?" -Justin
  • "It's not like you jacked off a goat on live television!" -Tom
  • "Equus, a story in which Daniel Radcliffe rolls the dice in order to show who's boss." -Brian
  • "We had 4 bits..." -Brian
"Yeah because we had 50 cents" -Tom
  • "Brian sold the spikes on his head to get the Treasure Hunt to work, JuRY's obviously sold his beard to get Booze Confessionals to work, and I sold my dignity to get on the show." -Tom

Fun Facts

  • Both Brian and Tom are live in-studio for this episode.
  • This episode features a brief cameo of TWiT's chief legal counsel Ira Sockman.
  • Return of the Quad Laser!


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