Trade rumors fly

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Trade rumors fly
Number 6
Broadcast Date December 7, 2011 (relative to Earth)
Episode Length 17:31
Hosts Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young


The wild card in the west is up for grabs, who has the best position to take on Mordor in the playoffs? Plus, Yoda’s not sold on young Skywalker, will Luke get dealt to the dark side? We cover all the trade rumors and more on FSL Tonight!

Trade Rumors

Despite the recent coaching change in Alderaan, Luke Skywalker is still seeing a lot of time on the bench and some say that he could soon be traded to Coruscant Empire. The trade talk that will not die: some still believe that the struggling Jayne Cobb will be sent to the Jaynes.

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Guest Caller


  • Arrakis Barons (1)
  • Coruscant Empire (8)
  • Alderaan Rebels (2)
  • Canton Jaynes (1)
Serenity Valley Fireflys (2)
Vulcan Velocity (6)
Qo’noS Raiders (5)
Mordor Crows (5)

Great Quotes

  • "Listen, if you are a fan of the Coruscant Empire, then can you just imagine the visions of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader ruling the midfield as offense and utility." -Justin


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Trade rumors fly
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