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untitled27 is of course, a well known astrophysicist, but many people don't know about his past.

Untitled27 was born just outside of the mysterious "Building 7," located deep in the icy mountains of Colorado. Untitled27 spent the first 3 years of his life in a log cabin with his two brothers and his mother, Victoria. When he turned 4 years old, a group of men in yellow suits busted in the door of the little old cabin, killed untitled27's family, and took him to Building 7. There, he was injected with biopheditemines, which gave him indescribable powers. They submerged him in a tank of varaticitone, a blue, gooey liquid. There, he spent the next 89 years of his life. He didn't need food, he didn't need water, and he didn't need love. He was merely a test subject. The scientists chose not to name any of their subjects, so as not to get attached to them. He was their 27 subject. And as such, they referred to him as "Untitled 27."

One day though, Untitled27 used his laser vision to escape the facility. Taking with him his friends, Unknown35, and Undiscovered21. They fled to Africa, where Unknown35 was eaten by a lion while he was distracted by a woman that smelled like cheeseburgers. They then moved to Ohio, where Undiscovered21 died of boredom. Untitled27 then grew wings and flew to Canada, where he currently resides as an astrophysicist and a vigilante serial killer. But one thing is for sure, he always makes time to hang out with chatrealm during NSFW.