Use an iPhone to Teleport an Object!

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Use an iPhone to Teleport an Object!
Number 180
Broadcast Date August 24, 2011
Episode Length 14:14
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young

Brian's Weird Things podcast cohort Andrew Mayne is back with the sweetest trick - how to make sugar disappear before your very eyes and then REappear on your iPhone.

Revision3 Summary

This week we're back with Andrew Mayne and Justin Robert Young of the podcast, with a quick-and-dirty way to use your iPhone to make objects vanish from inside your hands. The setup couldn't be simpler, and the phone plays an integral part in really selling the trick!

Andrew Mayne is one of the premiere magical creators today. Make sure to check out more of his work at, and give a listen to the weird things podcast at to get more of Brian, Justin, and Andrew.


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We're gonna learn a foolproof method that you can actually cheat at the all important game of Duck, Duck, Goose

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Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Bar 355



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Use an iPhone to Teleport an Object!
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