Welcome, We've Been Waiting For You!

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Welcome, We've Been Waiting For You!
Number 306
Broadcast Date March 30, 2020
Episode Length 1:00:12
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Lamarr Wilson

Animated shows are still being made, new Rick & Morty short, and Wonder Woman coming in August. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Lamarr Wilson.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Deadline has an article about how animation production is continuing with creative teams working from home and actors recording voiceovers from home.
Disney, CBS and Nickelodeon all have their animation studios running. Warner Bros. Animation is in various stages.
Fox-owned Bento Box (which makes Bob's Burgers among others) is hiring.
The Family Guy is doing a remote score with musicians recording their parts from home.
Crews use Zoom and Skype to do virtual table reads and edit sessions. Even so some studios are talking abut shifting to new episodes every two weeks instead of every week. (One speed bump is asynchronous cable connections with great download but slow upload)
James Corden recorded a special Late Late Show in his garage to air Monday, March 30 on CBS. Will Ferrell recorded sketches and David Blaine performed magic. It ends with one entire Broadway company performing from their homes. The show hopes to raise money for the CDC Foundation and Feeding America.
Andy Cohen, who is recovering from COVID-19, will bring Watch What Happens Live back to Bravo with video chats with guests. The actual Watch What Happens Live set is based on Cohen's apartment anyway.

How to Watch

Korea's approach to dealing with the virus involves aggressive tracking and testing which means it's social distancing rules can be less severe. That means its theaters have been allowed to stay open. But that doesn't mean Koreans have felt like going to the movies much right now.
The movie Judy opened in Korea Wednesday bringing in 41,000 admissions over five days. By comparison, the top box office draw at this time last year was a crime drama called Money which brought in 1.54 million admissions. That led theater chain CJ-CGV to shut down 35 of its complexes nationwide and reduce screenings at the rest of its theaters.
In China, 500 theaters had opened up the previous weekend but shut back down March 27. Even when open crowds were small.
In the US, AMC Theaters furloughed more than 600 corporate employees, affecting all workers including the CEO. A US stimulus package will provide loan guarantees to theaters for 4 months.

What to Watch

A Rick and Morty short made by Japanese Studio Deen, called Samurai and Shogun. It's mostly a samurai battle of Ricks. Still no word on when the rest of the current season will release.
Wonder Woman 1984 will no longer open June 4. It has been rescheduled to open August 14. Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical In the Heights has been taken off the schedule for the time being and Christopher Nolan's Tenet is still on schedule for July 17.
“Fox Presents the iHeart Living Room Concert for America” showed on Fox Sunday, March 29 hosted by Elton John. It will be made available on iHeartRadio's YouTube channel for free through Wednesday. Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Backstreet Boys, Dave Grohl, Camila Cabello, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and more all performed from their homes.
John Krasinski started a YouTube series called "Some Good News" trying to share stories of good things happening. In the first episode, he chats with Steve Carell about their time together on The Office and with a 15-year-old cancer survivor who was cheered by her entire neighborhood on her return from the hospital.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Lots of free streaming being offered out there. Sling TV is offering its 45-channel Blue package for 14 days for free until April 5. CBS All Access is offering a free month until April 23. And Roku has lined up 20 partners to offer 30 days free through the Roku Channel, including Showtime, Epix, Noggin and more.
The Summer Olympics has been delayed until 2021, taking away one of the big promotional attractions for NBC's Peacock streaming service. Variety's surveys indicated Olympics coverage was Peacock's second most appealing feature, after classic TV shows like Parks and Rec.
Data provided to Forbes from streaming analytics firm Antenna show that between March 14-16, the number of Disney+ signups more than tripled compared to the same period from the week prior. The numbers may continue to spike since Monday's Disney+ launch in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. HBO Now saw a 90% gain and Showtime 78%. Netflix got a 47% bump, and Apple TV+ 10%. Antenna warns that HBO Now and Showtime tend to see the most churn because of the number of users who sign up for a free trial and then cancel.
Ficto has launched a short-video streaming service without a paywall and without Jeffrey Katzenberg's superstar lineup. Ficto offers interactive dramas, film adaptations, comedies, documentaries, talk shows, game shows and news with live chat, polling and more. Average run time for episodes is around five minutes. One of the big name shows is built around Niantic's game Ingress. Ficto pays creators based on how often their content is viewed.

Dispatches From The Front

There are several versions of HBO, I don’t understand what the big deal is.....so they create another channel or app and call it HBO Max, who cares....if it works, great, if not...oh well. Life will go on and maybe they will change the service to some other name.

HBO East
HBO West
HBO2 East
HBO2 West
HBO Comedy East
HBO Comedy West
HBO Family East
HBO Family West
HBO Latino East
HBO Latino West
HBO Signature East
HBO Signature West
HBO Zone East
HBO Zone West
HBO Films
HBO Animation
Red by HBO
HBO On Demand

- Wayne

So I was watching your show and my 3 year old son, after hearing you guys say Netflix too much realized, "hey, we aren't watching anything animated." So sparked by Netflix references, he put down his trucks and looked me straight into my eyes and said, "Netflix? Netflix, daddy? Storybots? Where Storybots?"

He begrudgingly let me have my turn with the TV before its inevitable return to animated fare. I was able to catch most of the episode while my 5 year old daughter was imposing taking care of her teddy/baby.

Keep up the good work, thanks for remote working during this troubling time.

Your boss,
- Sean



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