Well Then, Maybe You Shouldn't

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Well Then, Maybe You Shouldn't
Number 326
Broadcast Date May 28, 2020
Episode Length 01:46:13
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

What's up y'all? Some very light spoiler-talk (very very light, calm down) about the Sopranos, Legion, The Wire, Devs, The Good Place, Avatar and more. Plus, a new monster battle tourney, "Monster Match: East Ghost-West Ghost Beef Burrito." Fuck to Godzilla's loveless marriage!

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Last Time

Last Time on Night Attack

Baby shark, Devs, Sopranos, etc.

Brian found out he can play baby shark on amazon echo devices remotely. They confused an outgoing package of a clazy pig from bonnie to the bit boss jordandemoss for an incoming package.

There was a discussion of tv shows "Devs" and "The Sopranos" including the significance of the finale. This launched into other series and which ones peaked during the middle of their runs and not the end.

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This week's the THE BIT BOSS was JORDANDEMOSS.

Monster Match Game

It's a bit from Bryce with help from the chatrealm. Sixteen monsters face off in a bracket, they break it down to find which one will "rawr-gn" supreme.

Diamond Time

  • HotBeverages says Butts.
  • ManalithTheDefiant points out "The Wild Report" youtube channel https://youtu.be/Abm-1ZS2sBs
  • veryunderstated wants to know if Amonasrester's friends got back to them


A listener found Night Attack along the path from the screen savers. (Please send in your wackiest way you found Night Attack). If Hollywood made a movie about diamond club, who would be cast? (Charlie Day plays Justin, Alan Tudyk plays Brian, Charlize Theron plays Bonnie, Tom Holland plays Bryce). A listener got a space pen, what is your everyday carry (Brian: phone, keys with utili-key, wallet with money clamp, ray-con earbuds, and a challenge coin which he lost but his father-in-law found. Justin doesn't have a set list. Bonnie carries her patience. Bryce carries a backpack with equipment including a microphone). This brought up "ass pennies" which they explored in the aftershow. Send your mail to mail at night attack


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