What channel is YouTube on?

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What channel is YouTube on?
Number 17
Broadcast Date April 28 2014
Episode Length 1:05:45
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Philip Shane

Cable subs are stable are on the rise. Aereo looks like it might lose in court. So what’s the good news? Netflix might go peer-to-peer? Ah, Dish might bring an Internet-only TV service by the end of the summer!


Opening Video

Primary Target

75 percent of millennials are paying for TV - ESPN citing Nielsen
TWC lost 34K video subs. Gained 269K data and 107K voice
Comcast added 26K video subs. (second straight quarter) Gained 383K data,
Comcast will ditch 3.9 million subs mostly to Charter if TWC merger approved.

Secondary Target

Signals Intelligence

Bloomberg now saying Dish will launch service over the Internet by end of summer
Has Disney on board
NBC has to say yes as condition of Comcast acquisition.
A&E Television Networks LLC, Time Warner Inc.’s Turner Broadcasting and CBS Corp. also have spoken with Dish
Apparently other networks holding out until Dish gets two networks on board and 10 of highest rated cable nets

Gear Up

A tale of two cable boxes
Fan TV, Yves Behar designed, gesture-based remote, mixes cable with streaming services (Redbox Instant by Verizon, Crackle, and Target Ticket, Rhapsody)
Now available for pre-order to TWC subs for $99
Project Ethan (according to Telegraph)
all of Sky's programming is available through the cloud, letting you pause TV and -- if you like -- resume it on a smartphone

Under surveillance

Xbox Entertainment Studios chief Nancy Tellem at the Newfronts advertiser meetings in NYC
Halo TV series (Spielberg)
Every Street United (street soccer unscripted)
Bonnaroo - Live
Documentary series “Signal to Noise” - INcluding Atari Game over
Humans (remake of Swedish “Real Humans”)
Halo feature (Ridley Scott)
In development
Deadlands (Based on RPG)
Extraordinary Believers (Robot Chicken folks, hybrid stop-motion show)
Fearless (unscripted Navy divers)
Gun machine (Based on novel by Warren Ellis)
JASH comedy half hour
Winterworld (Earth encased in ice)

Front Lines

They’re not getting Sex and the City or Game of Thrones. And they won’t get series like Girls or Veep until they’re 3 years old. BUT HBO IS SELLING SHOWS TO A RIVAL STREAMING PROVIDER.
Part of the job responsibilities include “research and architecture of large scale peer to peer network technology as applicable to Netflix streaming”. Hey remember when ISPs said Netflix should pay extra because they send more traffic into an ISP than the ISP sends to Netflix? Well yeah, this could change that balance.
If you’re an RCN customer you would pick up your remote control, tune to the appropriate channel, like say, channel 450, and there you’d find Netflix. You’d select it and that would launch the Netflix app.
A investment group run by former Fox president Peter Chernin“"to acquire, invest in and launch over-the-top (OTT) video services." Apparently the two companies have sunk $500 million in the venture.
They also support DIAL, meaning you can send video from a YouTube mobile app to the Roku box.

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  • http://draft.diamondclub.tv/
  • 1 DTNS: $225,059,241
  • 2 GodsMoneybags: $114,983,205
  • 3 Amtrekker: $24,763,752
  • 4 The Morning Stream: $24,161,059
  • 5 Night Attack: $0
  • 6 /Film: $0

On Screen

Dispatches From The Front

Hey guys, loyal patron here. I wanted to let you know that if you don't already listen to or watch star talk radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson, his last episode was really great. It's titled A cosmos conversation with Steven Soter. He is one of the original writers of the original cosmos and they cover a lot of things that you talk about such as the animation. I have not yet listened to the most recent It's spoilering time so please forgive me if somehow you covered this already.
I love the show keep up the good work. And I love seeing my name in the credits.

Actually, most of the advertising on Detroit tv does take into account Canadians. Many Canadians cross the border to do their shopping, as food and other products are cheaper here than in Ontario. I live on the border in a small town, and a good portion of groceries are sold to people who do not live in the us. Many retailers here benefit, such as clothiers, grocery, and other businesses that are not restricted in some way due to duty fees when those products are taken through customs. So the advertisers on local Detroit stations are fully aware and are sold on advertising with people in Ontario.

An Aero opinion,I'm conflicted about the case. I want to root for them, yet since I have a windows media center setup with my own antenna I fear the over the air business model dying. I cut the cord years ago, but I fear the Aero fight might unintentionally push me back to comcast if the broadcasters pull their shows off the air.

Hi Tom and Brian, Given how you keep us up to date with What We're Watching, it would be neat should you guys use a service like trakt.tv so your fans can easily track what you are watching and, more importantly, how you rated the material.
Love the show, etc, etc.

Hey Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood, don't throw those first-gen AppleTVs away... They are worth a lot of money! I jailbroke mine and sold it on eBay for over $190 just two months ago! I used that money to buy two refurbished AppleTV 3's.



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