You Gave My Fucking Emmy Away?!?

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You Gave My Fucking Emmy Away?!?
Number 307
Broadcast Date January 17, 2020
Episode Length 01:33:20
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests J.F. Dubeau, Amy Frost

Brian reports from his family's vacation: did he end up in Gator Land? The government says this is a chance encounter at tha Austin International Airport. We're joined with Achewillow's J-F Dubeau and Amy Frost to talk about their new storytelling podcast and her experience on America's Next Top Podcaster. And a new game about the stupid ideas we had as kids. Gorillatember!

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First place, for real, Tom Merritt.


Something about getting a lot of money, being chased by a snail, and what to do? Brian says "This is the life I have led", Justin would pay someone to move the snail far away. "Snailed it!" What about superstition? Brian says he's superstitious. Justin has a lot of rationalization. Bryce doesn't like people to jinx the modern rogue shoots.


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You Gave My Fucking Emmy Away?!?
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