Retro Fun Time

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Retro Fun Time
Retro Fun Time title card
Hosted by Roberto Villegas
Opening theme "Grow Up" by Mega Ran
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 16
Runtime 20 minutes
Producer(s) Roberto Villegas
Editor(s) Roberto Villegas, Matthew Fraser
Distributor CosmicRadioTV
Original Run April 3, 2013 - Present

Retro Fun Time is a video web series hosted by Roberto Villegas, wherein he digs deep into classic videos games and reflects on their cultural impact, what made them great, and why games are art. The show is a collaborative project from Roberto Villegas and fellow DC member Blendermf.


Main article: List of Retro Fun Time Episodes

Each Retro Fun Time episode is about twenty minutes in length. Most episodes are typically gameplay of Roberto showcasing the game at hand, framed by either Roberto's thoughts or a historical briefing on the game.

Retro Fun Time Series Overview
Season No. of
Original air date
Premiere date Premiere title Finale date Finale title
1 14 April 3, 2013 Legend of Zelda January 10, 2014 Sonic The Hedgehog 3
2 2 April 5, 2014 Earthbound Part 01 TBD TBD

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