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Cargill's reaction to Bad Romance during We Are All Going to Hell

C. Robert Cargill (aka Massawyrm) is a film reviewer from Austin, Texas.

Cinematic daredevil C. Robert Cargill will take any risk, endure any torment, walk into any theatre. He will truly watch anything once. Hillary Duff teen romances. Pauley Shore/Martin Lawrence buddy cop comedies. French Avante-Garde film festivals. No movie is too big, too small or too stupid to be viewed a first time. The unfortunate side effect of this is that he's watched more films than any human has a right to, which causes the occasional leak of 1000 words diatribes on the genius of "The Cutting Edge".

Cargill currently writes for Ain't It Cool News (under the pseudonym Massawyrm), Film.com as himself and appears on Spill.com as the animated character Carlyle.


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