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Greg Grunberg is an actor perhaps best known as Matt Parkman on Heroes, Eric Weiss in Alias, and Sean Blumberg in Felicity. He has also appeared as the pilot, Seth Norris, in Lost and the voice of James T. Kirk's stepfather in Star Trek.

He has teamed up with August Trometer to create an iPhone app called "Yowza" which presents users with virtual coupons for brick-and-mortar retailers in their area.

Greg appeared on the Did You Ever Know That You're My Heroes? episode of NSFW. Much to Brian's delight, Greg is a fan of Scam School. Following the show, Greg tweeted out, "@justinryoung and @shwood are two of the coolest and funniest guys around. Both are a MUST FOLLOW!!"[1]...but since Twitter treated it as a reply, nobody saw it unless they were also following Justin. Although Greg has over 1 million followers, Justin reported in the following episode of NSFW that he only got 12 new followers after this.

Notable Appearances

Fun Facts

  • Given a choice between J.J. Abrams and Jimmy JJ Walker, Greg would choose Jimmy JJ Walker.
  • Greg once starred in a McDonald's ad.
  • Chad Johnson spilled soda on Greg's pool table.