Gushing Warmth

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Gushing Warmth
Number 17
Broadcast Date June 24, 2014
Episode Length 2:03:43
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood

This week, Brian and Justin fall into a nostalgia hole, Bonnie comes on to play Secrets or BS and there is a BIG announcement!


Cold Open

Jackie Hern's Superfriends Puppet Video (Patrons only)

What's Old is New Again

During the preshow, Brian was going through the preshow link doc and found that nearly half of the entries are videos from 8-10 years ago. This brought Brian and Justin into a hole in which they remembered and watched old videos.

Justin Got Straight Col' Busted

Last Week, Justin applauded Shannon Morse and her short wedding ceremony. At the same time, Justin talked some shit about the use of "unity sand" in his brother's wedding ceremony. On the day of recording this episode, Justin got a text from his brother regarding the unity sand who had apparently heard what Justin said in the previous episode. The basic message was that his brother fought very hard against the unity sand, and wanted a short ceremony.

It was at this point in the show where Bonnie #JoinedTheConversation and gave her opinions on various wedding traditions


The Patreon is at $2094. If you want to become a patron, head on over to

If the Patreon hits $2100 by the next weekend, Brian and Justin pledged to do a unity sand ceremony. Within a few minutes, the Patreon passed $2100.

t2t2's Audio-Visual Hallucination


Secrets or BS

Secrets or BS. Chatrealm submits stories. Brian, Justin and Bonnie guess whether or not it's a true story. Simple as that.

Read all the secrets and BSs here.

  • We were on a late night Taco Bell run. We got to the drive thru and order 3 taco 12-packs. The clerk told us that we had to wait for them to get the meat ready. Not having anywhere to go we said cool. Immediately we here a side door open and an employee calling out "here kitty kitty." 10 minutes later we had the best tacos ever.
    • Guess: BS
    • Answer: Secret

  • I was sitting on a bench in a courthouse with my balls out. (hole in my jeans I didn't see) Luckly, I felt the cold feeling and closed my legs really fast. Though I did yell, "holy shit!"
    • Guess: Secret
    • Answer: Secret

  • It was August of 68' my buddy and I were "smoking" outside the barracks in Osan AFB, South Korea. We were waiting for the little tablet to do its job. Nothing to do otherwise on this muggy summer Korean night. We were talking about the days activities and we were both glad to kiss them away. My tongue started tingling, that wet metallic sweet taste Oh so sweet! The flight line was to our side about a 1/2 klik away. Oh so sweetly lit, the air was thick, heavy and the rice paddy's we're not so sweet. Just then just like that a finger at the end of a hand twirled and the 500 lb. duck stirred.
    • Guess: Secret
    • Answer: Secret

  • I am a professional magician, and a recent show I was hired for was a cat's birthday party. I did it because why the hell not, it'll make for a funny story. I get there, and the entire apartment is covered with cat themed decorations. The "cake" was a can's worth of tuna with a birthday candle on it. Anyway, throughout the show, I notice that the cat is acting very strange; it's walking into the walls repeatedly, staring into empty areas without blinking longer than is healthy, etc. After the show, I ask the owners if the cat is ok. Turns out, they loaded the cat with a bunch of Benadryl. The cat apparently is very skittish around large groups of people, so they drugged it up to keep it calm. I still don't know how to feel about that. The people at the party requested that I stay for the party after the show, so I do. I don't drink, but everyone else is doing it in abundance. The cat's owner eventually got naked and gave me a lap dance while holding the cat in her arms, and while her husband was passed out in the other room. It was a very weird night, and I still don't know how to feel about it.

  • A few years ago, a guy I had just started dating decided to invite me to stay with him for the weekend in his cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains in California. Late in the night, the worst winter storm on the West Coast in 50 years hit the area. We woke to find his car covered in 2-3 feet of snow.
I had to get back to work that Monday and he promised me that Triple A would be arriving any minute to help get us and the car off the mountain. On the second night, my laptop and cell phone mysteriously broke so my only contact with family or friends was by using his cell phone or laptop. Also, the snow continued to fall and at times, it also rained, making it much harder to remove his car from the snow. He also told me that the cabin had no television reception--this was a lie, it had full cable television (and I could have monitored the storm).
By Monday, when AAA did not arrive, I decided we would make the 4 mile hike in the snow storm, up hill, to a small village so that I could look into taking a shuttle or renting a car to get out. There was nothing. When we made it to the village, we ate and had a few drinks, he then decided to flip tables over in a restaurant. Within minutes the local fire department arrived and threatened to have him arrested if we didn’t leave the village immediately. After a week, I was forced to resign from my job. We ended up stuck there for 17 days (over Christmas) until I found someone who lived nearby who would owned a tractor that could shovel us out for $700 and help us get off the mountain and back to Los Angeles. The last morning there, I found that he had taken the knives in the kitchen and thrown them into the walls. He also took some of my clothing and threw them away. I later found out that he had called my ex fiance and said inappropriate things and emailed my mother to say we were in love and were getting married.
    • Guess: Secret
    • Answer: Secret

  • This is a weird secret of mine, that I actually haven't told anyone before. But whenever I smell fresh-cut grass, I have a very sudden urge to take a piss.. I mean, I can control it, but I've never figured out why it happens.
    • Guess: Secret
    • Answer: BS'

  • The first time that I ever performed cunnilingus I threw up inside the poor girl I was performing it on.
We had been seeing each other for about two months and she had cleaned my disco stick with her tongue a couple of times. I finally decided to return the favor.
At what I would say was the halfway point she farts. I try an power through, but I couldn't hold back the Taco Bell tacos I had had for dinner.
After it happened she got up and slapped me in the face. I haven't seen her since, and it took me an additional two years before I would attempt oral sex again.
    • Guess: BS
    • Answer: Secret

  • Near my house is a gas station. The road in front of it has a concrete divider, so you have to turn right. A car came out of the gas station, wanting to turn left. The divider is not too wide, but it is tall, so when the car got itself up onto the divider, it got stuck.
A few minutes later, while I was laughing my ass off, a car came past and ran into the back end of the beached car. The driver of the car was killed by the left-rear tire of the beached car, and the beached car got knocked off the center divider.
    • Guess: BS
    • Answer: BS

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[X] Cancelled… Oh Wait… Nvm

This is the FINAL Night Attack... on Tuesday nights… for the summer. For the next few months, Night Attack will be recording on Sunday nights. The problem is that Brian is going on "Vacation" in LA for a few months and Tuesdays will be really inconvenient for him. The first Sunday night episode will be next week with Justin live in Austin and (hopefully) not getting in a massive argument and derailing the whole show.

Great Quotes

  • "Paula Dean has a pussy full of butter." - Justin reading the chat
  • "Yet another reason why I wish I were black." - Justin in response to learning about African-American weddings from Scyne
  • "Lots of people do drugs." - Bonnie Brushwood
  • "Explain to me how to use the Google!" - Brian

Fun Facts

  • This episode premiered the new, revised Night Attack Lullaby by MikeTV


Preshow & Aftershow

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