Jeff Ruinum

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Jeff Ruinum
Number 183
Broadcast Date June 18, 2013
Episode Length 1:06:55
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood, Chatrealm

This week, Brian and Justin are joined by Bonnie Brushwood and the Chatrealm to talk about great phone conversations and the impending banishment of their wine.


Opening Video

Polysics - Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

The Best Phone Conversation in a Feature Film

A few days earlier, Brian stumbled upon this video which features the greatest phone conversation ever. Bonnie, Justin and Brian reenact the scene.

Caller You're On The Air! Ok, Bye

Brian and Justin decided to just take calls from the Chatrealm all night while they were talking about other crap.

  • MegaVortex - "Red with white chunks. Bye."
  • KC - "I think my cat's in heat."
  • JC - "Olive. It's just such a bad translation."
  • Chris - "Magenta. You guys should stop worrying about this and move to the next segment."
  • MegaVortex - "Still red with white chunk, but those were cell phones."
  • Zombie Jesus - "Hot pink. Those guys in the video are just like the kids in my class room. *Racist accent*"
  • Justin - "*Racist accent*"
  • Paul - "*Racist accent* (from a Canadian)"
  • Ryan - "How can someone get Ruinum in Canada?"
  • Bill - "I'm gonna be running a costume contest [at Nerdtacular]!"
  • EvLloyd - "He's gettin 3 or 4 bottles of Ruinum out to Australia."
  • Name - "Did you know that raspberry is a flavor AND a color? Go Heat."
  • JC - "Periwinkle. Jurbs, give me 5 words about Danny Greene"
  • Keo - "A dark color. Because it's on dark color drapes. RT style."
  • Zombie Jesus - "Some friends and me have bought a few bottles of Ruinum and we're gonna makes some videos of us drinking it."
  • PadreSJ - "Clerical black benches. You guys are missing out on the liturgical movement with Ruinum."
  • Person - "Justin, you can really pull off that salt and pepper hair. You can tell that you'll look like Paul Thurrott in a couple years."
  • Raleigh - "I'm making a comic book right now and it's all black and sticky. It's based in the apocalypse and they gotta drink something. Why not Ruinum?"
  • Brayden - "AHOY BRIAN! This is actually Thomas Jefferson. We actually banned Ruinum back in 1776 when we werewere signing the Declaration of Independance
  • Caller - "I bought my first bottle of Ruinum and my wife left me, my dog died. This is not a good drink, stop drinkin' this drink!"
  • Ryan - "Once I die from Ruinum, you gotta lean a bottle against my grave."
  • Mr. Hippyman the XVI - "I like grass green and tree green. Is this Ruinum stuff you're talking about organic man?"
  • Alex Jones - "This Ruinum is gonna destroy America."
  • Guy - "Me and my buddy Adam came up with an idea to promote Ruinum


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The Ruinum Challege

In order to get people into Ruinum without having to actually buy it. One suggestion was to make videos of "The Ruinum Challenge". There is really no such thing as "The Ruinum Challenge", but you should just make it up and get other people to take on the Ruinum Challenge.

The better idea was to try and make a big stink about banning Ruinum. Look at Four Loko! That shit got banned and then everyone knew about it and wanted it. Ruinum is WAY worse; it has LITERALLY caused the fall of many civilizations. Ya know what? Let's actually ban this. SIGN THIS PETITION!


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Summer Music Series

Uhh, I hear that there's gonna be a performance next week?

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • During the preshow, Brian and Justin told the Chatrealm to say what color their ejaculate is when they call into the show. Brian and Justin also vowed that they wouldn't acknowledge the colors being mentioned.


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