John Stossel

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John Stossel
First Appearance Mustache Sniffers
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young, Brian Brushwood

John Stossel was/is a respectable journalist who is known for exposing big business and government. He's won a shit ton of Emmys, but he really doesn't give a fuck about those see how he literally gave one away to an audience member during a taping of one of his TV shows. He has a very distinct voice and cadence that is REALLY fun to imitate. Justin first unveiled his Stossel impression back in August 2012 in the aftershow of NSFW #140: Mustache Sniffers. The impression disappeared from NSFW/Night Attack until it resurfaced during Night Attack #78 Guillotine Leg Drops Can't Melt Steel Beams three years later. At that point it started showing up much more frequently. Brian and Justin's impression of Stossel is quite popular with the Diamond Club, and ESPECIALLY with Brian and Justin themselves.


  • Talk in a high voice
  • Ask a question
  • Answer the question with another question
  • Cite someone else's opinion (eg. "The Government doesn't want that.")
  • "I'm John Stossel"
  • Optional: Mention co-host Barbara Walters