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Join the Conversation
Number 15
Broadcast Date June 13, 2014
Episode Length 1:41:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood, MikeTV

This week, Brian tells the story of how he taught Patrick Rothfuss how to eat fire, who later accidentally horrified Brian's daughter with one of his stories. Then MikeTV takes a break from watching the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup to perform some live instant covers.


Cold Open

This Week in LaserDisc

Night Attack Neon Signs

If you watch the video version of the show, you've seen the Night Attack neon sign rendering during the open and close of each episode. It's amazing and it was made by Chatrealmer, Tenky. Whistl took things one step further and created an actual, real-life Night Attack neon sign and sent it to Justin for his studio.

Hawaiians Have a GREAT Publicist

Justin recently got back from a trip to Hawaii and while he was there he had an epiphany: Hawaiians are really not that much different from other Native American tribes. The Seminoles have casinos, but the Hawaiians have resorts and leis and shit. They have this whole culture created around amazing vacations, but Justin argues that they aren't anything special.

Despite Justin never having left the country, Brian welcomes him back to the United States.

Storm Watch: Austin

On Tuesday (the normal Night Attack night), there was a tornado warning at the Brushwood estate. The storm was getting so severe that Bonnie made sure to put on matching pajamas and Brian decided to put on sneakers in case their house got blown away and had to mingle with their neighbors. Brian started watching the local news to get updates on the weather, but was a little put off by the weatherman's obvious boner for dangerous weather.

The news presenters invited viewers to "Join the conversation" on Twitter and Facebook by sending them pictures of the weather and its impact. Hearing Brian explain this, Justin prompted the Chatrealm to join the conversation by sending pictures of dogs licking their assholes using the hashtag "#NightAttack".

Brian Taught Patrick Rothfuss and Paul and Storm to Eat Fire

As a part of Patrick Rothfuss' World Builder fundraiser, Brian pledged to teach Patrick how to eat fire. Patrick just happened to be in town and hit up Brian to come through on his end of the deal, only Patrick brought the geeky-musical duo, Paul and Storm, along with him. They all learned to eat fire, but they all got distracted with arcade games.

Meanwhile, Brian's daughter, Penny has become a big The Name of the Wind/Patrick Rothfuss fan. She even spent her own money to buy a cloak to wear. Luckily, she returned from horse camp just in time to meet Patrick at Brushwood Manner. Like the awesome dude he is, Patrick read his book The Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle. The book is very much like a normal children's book until the very end when, SPOILER ALERT, the princess eats the cute and cuddly creatures that she had previously befriended. This caused Penny to burst into tears and run to her room in horror.


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MikeTV is a huge LA Kings fan and it just so happens that he was booked on the show on the same that the Kings could potentially win their second Stanley Cup in three years. Mike was watching the game during the first segment of the show, but came up into Brian's studio during overtime. Brian allowed Mike and Justin to talk about hockey as much as they wanted as long as they only referred to it in terms of Quidditch.

The Kings would win the game, and the Stanley Cup, during the aftershow in second overtime.

Instant Covers

The last time MikeTV joined Brian and Justin for a show they came up with this awesome impromptu cover of "Mass Text". Inspired by this event, Brian and Justin got Mike to perform some covers of songs with absolutely no preparation. In the mean time, Brian and Justin are looking for ways that they will die. Join the conversation and send in your ideas using the hashtag "#NightAttack"

Songs Covered

Friendly Recommendation


Justin did an awesome freestyle rap as his alter ego "MC Murderboner" about why you should use Mailroute.

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Frat Party Friday!

Ya know that show Orange is the New Black? The Netflix one with the female prison? The one where Jason Biggs plays the main character's boyfriend? Alright… Separate conversation. Remember the eleventh episode of a previous incarnation of this show? The one with the 6 Word Memoirs guy? Ya know… Larry Smith? Get ready for a brain explosion… Larry is the real-life Jason Biggs. He's married to Piper Kerman, the chick who went to jail and wrote the book that Orange is the New Black is based on.

Takin' Calls!

Diamond Time

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Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • During Diamond Time, Justin took completely unnecessary shots at the British during WWII


Preshow & Aftershow

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