Learning 3 More Stunt Driving Techniques

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Learning 3 More Stunt Driving Techniques
Number 84
Broadcast Date September 22, 2017
Episode Length 18:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Dash Wolf


"Miata learn how to drift this thing, you oughta film it!" Brian authoritatively announced after the last driving episode.

Check out the episode where we learn how to drift donuts: https://youtu.be/isIgwP9lDNM


Don't do dumb stuff with your car, they're big, dumb, heavy machines that can cause some serious damage if you're reckless. Act responsibly, don't do something you saw on the Internet, especially if it's something we did.


Dashub is your premier online vehicle marketplace for pre-owned and salvage vehicles. Go check them out, because giving us this Miata was hella rad.

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Fun Facts

  • Dash wasn't able to show proper form/technique for the last two maneuvers due to a mixture of crew exhaustion, heat stroke, overheating equipment, and just a general done-ness with that shoot day.
  • Due to both heat and interference, the drone footage was filmed without any image preview.



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Learning 3 More Stunt Driving Techniques
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