The Classiest Jello Shot on the Planet

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The Classiest Jello Shot on the Planet
Number 85
Broadcast Date September 29, 2017
Episode Length 14:01
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Trever Fehrenbach


Trever left us to travel the world so that he could be trained a lost art in forgotten tongues. He scaled snow-covered crests and traversed ancient underground labyrinths in search of the gatekeepers. It was only after finding these Chosen Few, after many months of harrowing exploration, did he come to know the One Truth. Just outside the Temple of Exile, a place and time for which Trever knew he could never return, the eldest Few lay weak on his death bed. In his final moments, he confided in Trever what would become the last words he would ever speak. He leaned over and gravely whispered in his ear, "Old fashioned... jello shots."


To make old fashioned jello shots, you'll need:

  • a stainless steel pot
  • a burner
  • a measuring cup
  • whiskey
  • water
  • gelatin packets
  • cups, probably?

Step-by-step instructions (this is the 20 shots proportions made in the ep):

  • protect surfaces with saran wrap before procedure
  • 4/3 cups of water go into the pot
  • mix 1/2 cup angostura bitters with 1 cup of water and 3/2 cups of sugar to make your syrup
  • 4/3 cups of syrup go into the pot
  • 2 packs of gelatin go into the pot (1 per 10 shots intended)
  • lightly whisk the contents of the pot, don't go overboard
  • heat the pot on medium heat, uncovered for 6 minutes (5 min for the first 10 shots, +1 for every 10 shots more)
  • turn off burner after alotted time
  • 4/3 cups of whiskey go into the pot (or a little more if you're filming a youtube show)
  • pour jello juice into cups, don't tarry
  • get water and soap in your steal pot asap
  • cool and wait
  • drink your punch jelly


How to make an Old Fashioned (the normal kind):
Cocktails with Trever playlist:

And a Bottle of Rum audiobook recommendation:

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Fun Facts

  • During the cooling phase, Trever brought out jello shots that were pre-prepared.
  • This episode (and the whole shoot day) was broadcast live to $10+ patrons.



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The Classiest Jello Shot on the Planet
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