Mo'dinga Mo'Problems

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Mo'dinga Mo'Problems
Number 90
Broadcast Date August 23, 2011
Episode Length 55:46
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Dr. Kiki, Jonathan Mann

Dr. Kiki is here to run through the Science Simulator!


Opening Video

Friendship is Magic Bitch

Dragon*Con Teaser Posters

In anticipation of Dragon*Con, the guys are starting a competition for Chatrealm to create a movie teaser poster for the NSFW show. They will be judged at the live show at Dragon*Con and a winner will be chosen.


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Science Simulation

With all of the natural disasters, we need Dr. Kiki to be on the top of her game to explain all of these science stories. Brian and Justin are going to put her through the Science Simulator where she will be presented with a few scientific stories that she needs to report on. The TWiT videos in between the stories were created by the Chatrealm before the show. Those videos can be found at here.

  • The leader of the Mole people, Mo'dinga, has sent a message to the President of the United States.
    • Dr. Kiki- The Molepocalypse seems to be happening!
  • Mo'dinga is leading an army of 40-43 molepeople are headed to the capital.
    • Dr. Kiki- There were signs of Molemaggedon for many moons especially under coffee shops.
  • Mo'dinga and his army has been stopped by the Winklevostrich!
    • Dr. Kiki- The mole people actually love birds, but the Winklevostrich is one hell of a bird.
  • The Winklevostrich tried to take control of the country when they submitted some text messages that showed that they had hired Thomas Jefferson to create a country just like the United States.
    • Dr. Kiki- Thomas Jefferson was a scientist


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Summer Music Series

Hey! Remember that guy, Jonathan Mann, that was already on the Summer Music Series twice already? Well he's back once more to kick off his new SongADay series. He is going to write a monthly song documenting the 2012 presidential race. He is here to play his first installment "Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry Stuff Their Faces".

  • Twitter: @Songadaymann
  • YouTube: TheRockCookieBottom
  • Website:

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

"Talking of which" -Brian
"Hide your geraniums! The earthquakes are loose!" -Justin

Fun Facts

  • In the official video podcast release, most of Justin's opening tease replaced with a smattering of the classic TWiT moments since Justin forgot to do one.
  • Brian's video kept going in and out during the show
  • During the pre-show, Leo mentioned that he wanted to move NSFW to Friday nights to pair it with At the Controls rather than Ham Nation.


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